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Wall to Wall Carpet in Small and Rugs in Large Bathrooms

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Wall to wall carpet in bathrooms is considered the most difficult in high humid areas but it is still commonly used. It is useful for most of the themes in a bathroom. Additionally, it is more comfortable for your feet than tiled floors. If you are interested in putting a wall to wall carpet in your bathroom you will be happy to know that there are carpets developed especially for bathrooms nowadays. Thus, you will be able to enjoy soft flooring comfort for your feet without having to worry about your carpet being ruined by odor and water.

Types of Wall to Wall Carpet

There are many wall to wall carpets developed which are highly resistant to stains, water and odors’. It is essential that you know what type of carpet to purchase before going shopping. You would not want your bathroom to be subjected to mould and fungi attack with the wrong carpet. Additionally, if you happen to purchase the wrong carpet this would mean that you would have to replace the carpet within a year.

So what are the types of carpet that are suited for your bathroom? Well it depends on the size of your bathroom. A large bathroom needs to have different carpeting to a small bathroom. This is not only for the look of the bathroom but also for ease of maintenance.

Wall to wall Carpet for Small Bathroom

If you want to use wall-to-wall carpet for your bathroom the best way is to go with new technology. Now-a-days wall to wall carpets are made easier for your self-decorating needs. When it comes to carpeting you have to think of the type of carpet, the type of carpet style, adding extra mats, adhesive to be used, adding a subfloor, and how to minimize moisture.

The best type of carpet is olefin. It is best to look for 100% olefin carpeting. This material has a water repellent ability which is ideal for a bathroom atmosphere. Additionally, this type of carpeting protects against slipping. The best solution for your wall-to-wall carpet is to search for an olefin carpet with a lower pile. A lower pile means that the carpet has a smaller thickness. This is essential in a bathroom as less moisture is absorbed. Look for looped or needle-punched carpets styles as they are aesthetically appropriate for the bathroom. However, for further protection against moisture, use additional mats.

Placing mats in areas where water is likely to hit splash/collect is useful to protect your carpet flooring. These areas include near the shower/bathtub, sink, toilet and bidet. Whilst it may seem awkward to place the carpet on carpet the outcome is not that dreadful. Additionally, it does prevent your carpet flooring from being ruined quicker.

A good solvent-free commercial-grade adhesive that has water resistant capabilities is always better for a wall to wall carpet in a bathroom.

However, what happens to the floor underneath the carpeting? The best advice is to install a concrete subfloor if possible. An alternative to this technique is to install a concrete backer board, such as Durock, over your existing floor. Then you can lay over the carpet. However, for added protection you require simple equipment for getting rid of extra moisture.

In order to minimize the amount of moisture in your bathroom opt for a “Wet-Vac”. This will help get rid of any water spills or moisture building up on your carpet. Remember to mop up any water spills from your carpet like you would do for a tiled floor.

Rugs for a Large Bathroom

wall to wall carpet or rugs When it comes to bathroom carpeting for a larger bathroom wall to wall carpet may not be a good option. It is better to use area rugs. Obviously this is leads to less expenditure when purchasing carpets and also less maintenance. Over large areas, wall to wall carpet can result in creases or rolls in high traffic areas.

Use your tiled flooring with this option as you would want to place the area rugs over it. As with bathroom carpeting for small bathrooms, purchase olefin or polypropylene carpets. These carpets are not only water resistant but also prevent slipping. Area rugs are offered in most bath and linen stores, and are mostly composed of these materials. Area rugs tend to come with three or four pieces; one for the main area of the bathroom and the other three near the plumbing fixtures.

Wall to wall carpet in bathroom is becoming increasingly common these days. Due to the increase in technology you will be able to find better and improved carpet types for your bathroom. Remember to choose carpets that are composed of olefin or polypropylene. This would ensure that there would be no slipping and sliding of people or mats. Additionally, they are most suited for the atmosphere in your bathroom. It is great to be daring and explore the world of bathroom carpeting. This would not only be amazing for your tired feet, but also make your bathroom truly unique!

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