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Vintage Bathroom Faucets are Excellent Choice for Retro Look at Low Costs

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Vintage bathroom faucets are considered excellent choice not only for heavy prices of the genuine antiques but also the problems which you may face in their maintenance afterward.

In fact ‘vintage’ does not necessarily mean a specific fashion or period in time. It doesn’t have to mean Victorian or Edwardian or Quaker or French Provincial. It is more an indication of a ‘good year’. In other words, it can simply mean a graceful, retro look. It is a blend of beautiful antique ideas that go well together and satisfy your own personal taste rather than a certain fixed style.

If you would love to have a beautiful retro look antique bathroom and you are receiving shock after shock when you see what genuine antiques costs, perhaps you should ask yourself whether it is the age that matters to you, or just the look. Marvelous reproductions and replicas are available of claw foot bathtubs. These have been regarded as ‘vintage’ since the time the first pig scalding trough was given legs and used as a bathtub. They have never really lost their popularity and are still well loved today. The bathtub sets the mood for a vintage bathroom and it should not cost you too much compared with a genuine antique. Because of their popularity they are produced on a large scale today and this tends to bring prices down.

To go with it you should be able to find a really elegant old or reproduction vanity, console or cabinet, even if you need to do some fixing up, sanding and refinishing yourself. Once you have your bathtub and vanity, you have the backbone of your vintage bathroom. Try and choose a vintage style of sink to go with the vanity, but it need not be a priceless antique.

Many of the vitreous china sinks as well as toilets made today are ageless. The real way of determining the look of the sink is by choosing really stunning vintage bathroom faucets. Here is where it is worthwhile spending a little extra money. Virtually all antique faucets that are known have been reproduced in all their beauty. However you need more than looks. Make sure the working parts of the faucets are of good quality. You can save yourself a lot of frustration as well as money. It is better to pay a little more on your vintage bathroom faucets initially than to get them cheaply and be forced to discard them later to buy the ones you should have got in the first place.

Types of Vintage Bathroom Faucets

If you are an avid antique collector and you want nothing that isn’t genuine, you can expect to pay a fortune for the real thing in antique bathroom faucets.

You can avoid the antique shops with their prices by searching at scrap yards, or better still, demolition salvage companies for ‘rescued’ items from old houses. You may have to have these repaired and reconditioned, or you can do it yourself, if you are patient and skilled with this kind of creative work. If it is just the retro look of vintage bathroom faucets that you are after, go for the reproductions and copies.

As far as materials go, both chrome and brass look authentic. You can also go for darkened brass, especially if you want a rather gothic retro look.

Brass can be highly polished or it can be brushed or ‘aged’. Chrome that is brushed, ‘satined’ or anything else except polished does not really look right for vintage bathroom faucets.

Non-shiny chrome looks are strictly modern finishes. In the old days faucets were made with rubber washers. New-fangled stuff like cartridges, discs and infra red touch-free sensors, weren’t even thought of.

However, unless you are strictly a genuine antique freak, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy any of these advantages that you can find in retro look, as long as it is all nicely disguised and the faucets look like vintage bathroom faucets. This is true ‘vintage’. It is an eclectic mixture of what you like, what makes you comfortable, and what still carries with it the ambiance of the slower, more graceful lifestyles of days gone by.

Do you really want everything to be authentic and as it used to be? Suffering discomforts of rattling pipes, inadequate trickles of water, either scalding or luke-warm, and inefficient, dripping faucets need have no part in it. You can have the vintage and all the comforts too!

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