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Unique Bathroom Sink; Artist's or Craftsman’s Domain

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A true unique bathroom sink can not be found in stores, websites and auction places. However, you may come across less common as well as extremely uncommon bathroom sinks. You may still find a unique bathroom sink in artists’ and craftsman’s world. First, you can read about some rare bathroom sinks:

Rare Bathroom Sinks

• Bathroom sinks that are made of precious metals such as gold and silver, solid or plated. This is the stuff of billionaires and palaces, and we don’t often see them, but they are available, at a price….! These may well be unique bathroom sinks, but sometimes a few at a time may be made for a small and exclusive clientele.

• There are genuine antiques that are seldom seen and hard to find. Among these is the solid porcelain bathroom sink, a treasure for antique hunters. In this category you may find very old bowls or other vessels that can be converted into unique bathroom sinks.

• Bamboo can be used to make square or rectangular bathroom vessel type sinks. The insides are usually smoothly concave. Sometimes the bamboo is made into blocks and turned into round basins for bathroom sinks. The bamboo is well sealed to make it waterproof. Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular amongst people concerned with the environment. It is considered a ‘green’ material. It comes from the Moso bamboo, a renewable, quick growing source that doesn’t deprive the Giant Panda of either food or habitat in other bamboo types.

Truly Unique Bathroom Sink

If you want a truly unique bathroom sink you are going to have to move into the realm of the artists and craftsmen. These are the people with patience, skill and talent to make individual sinks, or to decorate individual sinks to make them truly unique. Here are some of the people to approach:

• People who make pottery and ceramic art ware. This is such a popular craft that you shouldn’t have trouble finding someone to make your sink for you. Pottery lends itself to all kinds of decorative techniques. If it is hand made, or hand painted or glazed, this will be a unique bathroom sink. Sometimes pottery makers if commissioned, will arrange to buy a ready made sink that you like, then paint and glaze it, and fire it so that the colors are permanent.

• Wood turners. Unless computer assisted methods are used, every turning, however similar at first glance, is truly unique. Some specialist wood turners can turn wood by hand in oval, elliptical, or irregular shapes as well as the usual round shapes. Wood, the same as bamboo, needs to be very well sealed. Some wood turners build up a rough form of tiny blocks glued together and then turn the form into its final shape. This gives the turned vessel much more stability, especially in an environment that is sometimes humid and sometimes dry. Un-laminated wood in this kind of bathroom environment can easily form cracks. Quite apart from the practical aspect, the laminated blocks look quite stunning, especially if different colored woods are used. This indeed makes a different bathroom sink.

• Various kinds of glass artists. Sand blasters, engravers, glass painters. These people can in their own way make a glass vessel into a different bathroom sink with their decorative skills, and you could end up with something that is a collectors’ item.

• Metal craftsmen. The people who forge or cast metal as well as those who engrave or weld or color or decorate metal. More and more people are choosing metal bathroom sinks. Metal craftsmen can turn something already beautiful into a stunning bathroom sink.

• Stone masons, sculptors and people who use cement and concrete in various crafts. These people can produce almost any shape, style and color of stone type vessel. If your specifications are unique and especially if you involve moldings, carvings or sculpted details, you will have a truly beautiful sink. Many sinks made of stone or concrete need to be protected from staining with good sealers.

• Very artistic and highly resourceful people who can make anything out of anything. People like this frequently use materials such as fiberglass and resin, amongst others. This could turn out to be a really funky but definitely unique bathroom sink!

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