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Bathroom Tile Design Ideas for Creative People and Decorators

Murals and tile pictures are amongst wonderful bathroom tile design ideas…

If you are creative, you can purchase pictures glazed on to a panel of tiles, which, when placed together form a picture. You can also make up a mural with tiles of different colors, designs and motifs.

However, if you are very artistic you might like to try painting your own pictures on to tiles. You can paint with glazes on the tiles and then have them fired in a kiln.

This will give you a permanent picture.

If you paint directly on to a tiled wall, you will have to seal the picture afterward to protect it. You should be able to find a suitable paint and sealant at a craft shop. Obviously this kind of painting will not last as long as a kiln fired one.

Temporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Then, if you want bathroom tile design ideas that are purely temporary, such as in a small child’s bathroom, why don’t you consider paper transfers or cut outs, and fix them with a modge podge decoupage glaze.

You can also get plastic pictures that you can just peel off when you are tired of them.

Another mural idea for the creative minded, is replacing a section of tiling with a beautiful mosaic. Some online stores offer a service that can help you to design your own mural. They offer you a grid, rather like graph paper, and you color in the blocks as you choose, to build up your picture. They will set out the mosaics in your design on a mesh backing, so that all you need to do is put it up in one piece with tile adhesive, and then grout it.

Pottery and ceramics hobbyists can have a fine time with bathroom tile design ideas. You can make your own tiles. These can be as simple as plain, painted or patterned tiles, or they can be quite bizarre, depending on your taste.

It is possible to create texture to the point of 3-D! Knobs, coils, faces, roots, fungi, geometric shapes, you name it. You need not stop at clay either. Some people like to include seeds, pods, seashells, buttons or pieces of steel sculpture. These are usually set in a clay tile that is fastened to the wall with tile adhesive. A whole bathroom tiled in this way may be a little over the top, but areas, panels or strips can be quite eye catching.

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas for Decorators

Decorators have as much scope in the bathroom as in any other room in the house. Sometimes the décor flows from one room to the next and into the bathroom. Sometimes the rest of the house’s theme stops at the bathroom door, and you enter a different world when you go in there.

Your bathroom tile design ideas form the background for all your fixtures and fittings. If you go for minimalist styles, your tiles will simply be an unobtrusive background, mostly in subtle shades. We have spoken about what artists can do with bathroom tile design ideas.

If you are a nature lover, you might like to use stenciled leaves and vines or flowers. These should just be highlights, here and there, and blend in well with the color scheme you have chosen.

In an ethnic bathroom, you might like to display masks, totem poles, San bushmen paintings or Egyptian sacred cats. If you choose this style of bathroom, your bathroom tile design ideas need to blend with whatever ethnicity you have chosen. You would need mosaics and perhaps a row of hieroglyphics on tiles for the cats. A rough-hewn stone section of wall would go with your San paintings. Blocks of brightly colored tiles might go with the totem poles.

Decorators may like to explore the possibilities of steel tiles with a dark gleam reflecting spotlights overhead. One of the most unusual murals but highly effective, is a panel of glass bottle bases. They are all of the same size and color, set with the cut off sides set into the tile adhesive. The flat sides face outwards, like a whole lot of touching glass circles. As you can see, there is no limit to the bathroom tile design ideas that you can think of.

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