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Methods to Acquire a Storage Cabinet for Bathroom

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You have plenty of choices when you are looking for a storage cabinet for bathrooms. You may buy from a store, design a new cabinet, and renovate a new bathroom cabinet.

Start with buying…

You can buy any piece from available huge selection of storage cabinets for bathroom, through internet, in stores or on or other sites selling bathroom cabinets.

You will have to have a good idea of the dimensions and style you need. Some of these are free standing and some will have to be installed or fastened to a wall.

Obviously the better quality the workmanship, the more you will pay. It will have to feel sturdy and doors and drawers should have smooth opening and closing actions.

Don’t skimp on the quality and finish of the wood. If you have to go for something less expensive, like particle board, remember that it will be ruined if it is exposed to water. There are ways of getting around this. If all the particle board panels are framed in solid wood and the whole cabinet is really well sealed with a waterproof polyurethane sealant it may be acceptable. Check the base of the cabinet carefully as this is the part most likely to be exposed to water.

Designing New Storage Cabinet for Bathroom

Getting storage cabinets for bathroom designed from a cabinet designer are obviously costlier than purchasing one from a recognized store. However, if you can afford the costs, you will enjoy the pleasure of attaining a cabinet qualified remarkably to your taste.

When you have decided to get your storage cabinet for bathroom get designed, you must provide the maximum input so that the designer may use his/her expertise over your demands. He will discover what will work and what won't. Though he is conditioned to go through your ideas and turn them into reality as you like.

Most of the cabinet developers are similar to painting artists, and carry their own different and identifiable styles.

You need to get some of his previous designs in advance of your accepting him your business partner. A major defect in this strategy is that your imaginations may not be fully implementable. So keep in mind in advance that final product may not seem exactly as you had imagined. Your greatest task is to bring forth a picture or photograph of what you love and want to have. It shall work as your starting point.

If you are qualified at drawing, it is an excellent personal experience. However, if you hire a developer or draughtsman, you can ask him to exhibit his craftsmanship to you. The modern drawing programs show 'rendering' options. You may nominate the style of wood or paint product and guide the artist for product finish.

The draftsman converts the finished drawing into a photo-real life picture. At this point you know what you are handling, and if the measure or proportions of the cabinet are not accepted you may ask the developers to re-build it.

You can even take a photograph of your bathroom and use it in the background on the drawing program. Now you can position storage cabinet for bathrooms in different places to see which part suits your bathroom the best. Experiment with different finishes to see what looks right for your decor.

Renovating New Storage Cabinet for Bathroom

Perhaps you have found just the storage cabinet for bathrooms that you were looking for. But it isn’t intended for a bathroom. Perhaps it is a dresser, a sideboard, or an old closet. If it is to be painted, that is fairly simple. If it is a truly beautiful piece of cabinet work you’ll have to preserve the wood against the bathroom dampness. If it is not varnished and doesn’t need refinishing, there are oil-based polyurethane sealants that retain the natural oiled look that is so sought after. There are different grades of polyurethane, from gloss to matte, and lightly protective to suitable for sealing a wooden boat. There is usually compatible furniture oil that goes with it to keep the wood looking good.

Unfortunately, if it has in the past been varnished, every bit of that will have to come off! Varnish is not a proper sealant and is not an option these days. You will have to scrape it off with a scraper and with or without paint removers. After it is all off you start sanding, starting with a coarse grit, and working down with ever finer grits until the last polish is given with steel wool.

Once you have applied the correct number of coats of a good polyurethane finish, you will never have to face that scraping and sanding task again. If it ever appears necessary, you can give your cabinet a gentle rub down with steel wool and some spirits to remove any accumulated dirt and reapply the polyurethane. Every week or two give it a once over with a compatible furniture oil to build up a beautiful patina.

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