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Steam Shower Bathroom; Its Working and Physical Benefits

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A Steam Shower Bathroom usually includes a fully sealed cubicle for showering. You do not actually shower in real steam – this would cause terrible scalding, as steam is released from water at above boiling point. The ‘steam’ is really a very fine warmed mist, with adjustable temperature settings. The pressure of the steam can be regulated too.

The steam in a steam shower cubicle, because it is sealed, will not escape and cause excess damp in the rest of the bathroom. So you won’t come out of your steam shower to wet, slippery floors and misted up mirrors. Also, you won’t find moisture or droplets running down the walls to cause wall paper or paint to peel, or mildew in the cupboards of your bathroom.

Benefits of a Steam Shower

The health benefits of a steam shower are probably the main reasons you would want it installed. Many of these benefits you would normally only get by visiting a health spar and getting treatment there, but now you can have your own health spar at home!

Steam has the effect of opening the pores and allowing deep cleansing in the shower. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and if it is kept fresh and clean, it makes sense that it can benefit your health. This is probably the most important advantage of installing a steam shower bathroom in your home.

There are a lot of other advantages too.

A clean, fresh-looking skin, without blemishes caused by trapped toxins in your pores always keeps you looking younger.

Many aches and pains, such as rheumatic or arthritic pain can be helped with a steam shower.

A good steam in your steam shower bathroom every morning will clear sinuses, and phlegm, caused by allergens, which have built up during the night. This can help eliminate bronchial problems and even asthma.

A Steam Shower Bath and Exercise

As you exercise, lactic acid starts building up. It doesn’t stop immediately you stop exercising, but continues increasing, and this is partly what partly makes your muscles so sore.

A steam shower will help to halt this process. Getting fit and exercising is basically a process of breaking down and building up. The muscles are actually damaged by the exercise, and then healed, nature making them stronger and stronger each time. This can be quite painful at first.

This is where a steam shower bathroom gives you the best possible benefit. When your muscles are already painful, the heat from the steam will help loosen you up and reduce the stiffness and soreness.

It also stimulates blood circulation, which promotes healing and strengthening.

Other Pleasures of a Steam Shower Bathroom

If you follow up your steam treatment with an icy shower, your energy levels will shoot up and you will feel invigorated for the rest of the day. Steaming and then taking a cold shower is very much less painful than just taking a normal cold shower without the steam treatment first, as anyone who has experienced a sauna will tell you. If you do an exercise workout first before your steam shower, you will really feel on top of the world.

Some steam shower bathroom designs include subtle lighting for mood enhancement, and containers of pleasant smelling oils released into the steam for aroma therapy. This combination of treatments can be a wonderful stress reliever after a hard day’s work.

However, if you are pregnant, or suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes or heart problems you should consult your doctor before using a steam shower bathroom.

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