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Small Bathroom Sinks; Simple Solution for Space Problems and Big Families

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Different kinds of small bathroom sinks are available in the market, and sometimes it is possible to have them custom-made to fit into really difficult places and awkward corners. This, of course, would be expensive. Small sinks that take up the least space are tiny hand basins, wall mounted. Then you get normal size wall mounted sinks that donít take up very much space. Small pedestal sinks are very space saving too. Vanities and consoles usually take up a little more space, although you do get smaller than usual ones. Often the faucets on small sinks are wall mounted in order to save space.

Save Space

Most of the time people choose small bathroom sinks if they have to make the best use of space. It may be just a small apartment with a small bathroom, or it may be a new bathroom tacked on to a bedroom to create an en suite bathroom. Sometimes people want to install toilets with small bath sinks under a staircase for use as cloakrooms, or perhaps in a space next to a games room or a swimming pool.

The smallest bathrooms are usually those that have a shower on one side, a toilet on the other side and a small bathroom sink in the middle, facing the door. This whole area need not be more than three feet wide by seven to nine feet long. If it is only seven feet long, you will have to make do with the tiniest available wall hung hand basin. If you have a bathroom nine feet long, you should be able to fit in a slightly larger basin that you can use for washing your face or shaving. In a bathroom of these dimensions there will be no room for swing doors and you will have to have a pocket or sliding door.

Larger Families

Sometimes people choose small bath sinks if they want to replace a normal, large bathroom sink with two smaller ones in a vanity or a shelf for use by two people. A large family may even want to include more than two small sinks on a really long shelf or vanity in a large family bathroom to prevent bickering among children when they are all rushing to get ready for school.

Extra Packing Space

If your whole apartment is really small, it may be essential to have packing space in your bathroom, tiny as it is. Then the spaces under small bath sinks need to be utilized as much as possible. Leg-room under the bathroom sink is only important if someone in a wheelchair is going to use the bathroom, or an elderly or disabled person prefers to sit on a chair at the sink to wash. If you do not need the leg-room under the sink, donít waste that space. You should be able to find a really small vanity. Donít forget the space above the sink. Quite large cupboards can be fitted onto the wall above small bathroom sinks, as long as they are fairly shallow. You donít want to bump your head bending over the sink to wash your face! If you have a large, flat cupboard above the sink, consider fastening a large mirror to the whole front surface of the cupboard door. This will immediately make that area look less cluttered, besides being very useful.

Whatever reason you have for choosing small bathroom sinks make sure that they are big enough for their intended use.

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