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How to Draw your Small Bathroom Floor Plans?

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Before drawing your small bathroom floor plans, you need to take certain precautionary measures.

First of all check your building regulations and see what you may or may not build in your area, as well as the protocol to be followed in having your plans approved, if this is necessary.

Then choose the fixtures you need in your bathroom. Look around and see what is available and the styles you like.

Measure Your Space for Fixture

On a piece of graph paper make a scaled drawing of your bathroom, showing windows and door.

On another piece of graph paper draw the fixtures’ outlines to the same scale as the bathroom. Don’t forget your storage requirements.

Cut these out…

Now you can place them on your plan and move them around to see how best to fit them in. If these don’t fit in as you would like them to, you may have to choose fixtures that are smaller or more space saving. If necessary you may have to leave something non-essential out.

When you are satisfied paste them into place.

Then you need to work out your waste pipes and water supply and how they will fit into your existing plumbing.

Plan your light fittings, extractor fans and other ventilation if needed as well as heating requirements.

After this you are ready to order your fixtures, fittings, tiles and other necessary materials and to request quotes for the job.

Some Ideas for your Small Bathroom Floor Plans

If your space is limited, you may need to create a really small bathroom. It may be for a small apartment or just an extra bathroom tacked on to a bedroom for an en suite bathroom, under a staircase for use as a cloakroom, or next to a games room or swimming pool. Here are a few ideas for you to start off with.

A Long, Narrow Bathroom

small bathroom floor plans 1 This is one of the smallest bathrooms you can get. There is no room for a bathtub, but you can fit in a shower cubicle, and toilet and a wall hung bathroom sink fairly comfortably.

A Slightly Wider, Rectangular Bathroom

small bathroom floor plans 2 This kind of bathroom will accommodate a smallish bath with shower curtains or doors so that it can be used as a shower as well. There is room enough for a vanity, too.

A Square Bathroom

small bathroom floor plans 3 Every square bathroom has four corners, and bathroom fixtures that fit into corners take up the least space. Everything except the toilet and the door can go into a corner. The toilet should go as close to the corner as possible so as to leave as much floor space open as possible.

Bathrooms tend to look less cluttered if as many fixtures as possible are built in and joined up to the next one. This gives a streamlined effect.

This bathroom could have a much bigger sink if you change this swing door to a sliding or pocket door.

Some Tips for your Small Bathroom Floor Plans

• Light and mirrors are great for adding space to small bathroom floor plans

• Try using the same color for fixtures and walls and floors. You can vary the shades a bit.

• Cool colors, whites, pale blues and greens tend to give a sense of airiness to a small room.

• Avoid clutter. This can make a room look uncomfortably small.

All in all, a tiny bathroom can be beautifully cozy and very attractive. You don’t need to try and find really small fixtures at all. These would probably be most uncomfortable to use. Just plan carefully and you can have everything you need.

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