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Discover Quick and Easy Ways to Get More Space with Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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When the space is small, you would like to have an eye-catching small bathroom design. But your design depends upon the answer to question, how much smaller is the space?

If you are starting from scratch, it is a good idea to go for a corner tub built in flush against a shower cubicle, with a toilet and a sink. This should fit into a space of about 7ft 6ins x 7ft 6ins. A combination bath and shower with doors above the bath plus a sink and toilet will fit into 6ft x 6ft. If your space is really small, leave out the tub and just have a shower cubicle and a toilet and a sink. This shouldn’t take up more than about 3ft x 9ft.

Small bathroom designs may require you to install a sliding or pocket door that takes up virtually no floor space. Suppose you are undertaking a design in an existing bathroom, you may go for minor alterations. Here are a few ideas:

No Extra Things

In small bathroom design, you need to get rid of everything from your bathroom that you possibly can. Remove cupboards, shelves, racks. Anything you don’t absolutely have to have. Built-in tubs look less cluttered than free standing ones, so unless your tub is something very special, build it in. If your sink is a cabinet, vanity or console type, consider replacing it with a small, neat pedestal or wall mounted one.

Shower Cubicles

You may find a great variety of shower cubicles in the market today. If you are using a cubicle that is like a small tiled room, you might consider replacing it with a little corner glass cubicle with a curved front. They take up hardly any room at all.


Lighting in a small bathroom design can make a world of difference. A wall or section of a wall replaced with glass bricks, gives an amazing and beautiful brightness. Skylights can also be lovely. At night you may like to add concealed lighting in such a way that the ceiling, floor or any particular fixture glows with soft colors. A back-lit, recessed wall panel as a backdrop for a simple glass shelf can add to the bright atmosphere in the bathroom.

Small Bathroom Remodelling

If you don’t want to go for any major construction, but the room looks squashed and cluttered to you, here are a few tips that might make your bathroom look a little better:

In small bathroom design you might find it a whole lot easier if you move some things that you would normally keep in the bathroom to another place, such as a cupboard in a hallway or bedroom right next to the bathroom. These are things such as extra towels, paper rolls and soaps, medicines and toiletries not used every day, and even a laundry hamper.

Most people with a small bathroom would like to make it look as spacious as possible. If you feel that way and have a small room in which you are doing a small bathroom design, go firstly for soft, neutral colors. If you love bright, bold colors, try using them for highlights only, just a little to draw attention to a particular feature or fixture, such as a mirror or a glass shelf. Dark colors, although more intimate, tend to fill the room. Light colors emphasize space.

For the walls, use large light colored tiles, or soft colored paints, or if you use wall papers, try tiny, subtle prints.

You might like to consider using mirrors, or mirror-tiles. They increase the appearance of both light and space in a small bathroom design. Just be careful not to scatter the room with lots of small mirrors. This could create a cluttered effect. A large mirror or section of mirror tiles creates space. Floors, too, help give a feeling of space if they are light colored, especially in ‘cool’ colors such as pale Grey, blues and white. The use of large tiles enhances the spacious look.

Don’t forget the lighting. Increase the bulb wattage, or add another light fitting.

So you can see, there is a lot going for a small bathroom. You may like to ‘open it up’ and make it look bigger, or on the other hand, a snug little cubby hole may suite you, but even then you don’t want to have too much clutter. Rather get the due effects in a small bathroom design with colors and textures.

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