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Painted Bathroom Sink is a Popular Choice; Repair or Purchase

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Kits are available for repairing damage to your painted bathroom sink. When that has been done, or if you want a color change, it is time to paint. You can have a painted sink with a porcelain paint kit. These are generally available in white. You can add tints to create almost any color. Ideally you should spray paint as the final result is more professional. If you can’t, you can just brush it on and still have quite a good result. The most important job in a painted bathroom sink is the preparation. Don’t take any short cuts here or you may find that the paint doesn’t adhere permanently.

The first step is to sand the sink with a fine grit paper and clean it thoroughly. If your kit includes an acid reducer you can apply that to etch the surface and help the paint to stick. Follow the instructions that come with the kit. Using paper and masking tape cover any areas around the sink to protect them from over spray. Now you can evenly apply three coats of the porcelain paint, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next. When the final coat is dry, a good buffing should bring up a shine. You’ll need to avoid abrasives in the future to keep your painted bathroom sink looking good.

Buying a Ready Painted Bathroom Sink

The painted bathroom sink is immensely popular and a huge range of colors, designs and styles are available. It is almost impossible that you won’t find one that you will not fall in love with. Whatever the theme of your bathroom, whatever the period, retro or contemporary, you will find many that will be bound to suit you.

Commissioning a Painted Bathroom Sink

This is the answer if you want a specific style or shape of painted bathroom sink. Perhaps you have a beautiful marble slab or vanity with the hole already cut for a drop in sink. Your sink is damaged and you need to replace it. However you would like a beautifully painted one to put into your vanity. The sinks are available in the right shape and size, but not painted. There are professional artists who can do this for you. There are some artists who will order the sink for you and arrange to paint it before delivering it to you.

Decorating you own Painted Bathroom Sink

Here is another option for you. If you have a sense of design and color and some artistic talent, you could have great fun creating your own masterpiece.

There are two ways of doing this.

• The first method is to buy paint suitable for painting ceramic or whatever your sink is made of. The right paint should be available from a good craft shop. If it is ceramic and this is your first attempt, you probably need to do a bit of practice on some ceramic tiles first. Check up with the dealer whether the paints will be permanent and lasting.

• The second method is particularly suited to vessel sinks. You should be able to buy a vessel in the right size and shape for you in its ‘green ware’ stage from a pottery studio. This is unfired pottery that has dried after being removed from the mold or the potter’s wheel. Don’t forget to have a hole cut in the bottom the right size for your drain fittings. If this is your first attempt, practice on some scrap pieces until you get the technique right. Your green ware needs to be smoothed and seam lines removed first. You can do this gently, with a pottery scraping tool and a well squeezed damp sponge. When the sink is quite dry you can start painting. You can get acrylic ceramic paints in all colors as well as brushes from your pottery studio or a craft shop. Once again, you need to give your sink three coats of paint allowing each coat to dry thoroughly first. The paint may look a bit pale, but the colors intensify when the vessel is fired. After the first firing at your pottery studio, you need to glaze your sink. Again you need three coats, and although this may seem to conceal your painting, once it is fired it becomes transparent and shiny. A really good option would be for you to enroll at a ceramics studio and they will walk you through the whole process.

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