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Classic or Modern Bathroom Accessories for Your Home?

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Modern Bathroom Accessories can completely change the ambiance of your bathroom for the better – or the worse. Choosing the right bathroom accessories for your home can transform your bathroom from just an ordinary bathroom into a designer show piece fit for the cover of a magazine.

It is important to dive into the realm of interior decorating using your imagination. Nowadays, designers go all the way to produce inexpensive and useful accessories to spice up the bathroom. Your bathroom at home does not have to be just simple anymore.

Modern bathroom accessories do not exclude the classic ones. If chosen appropriately they can make your bathroom classic or contemporary. However, when it comes to decorating your home bathroom, keep in mind that it depends on you and your family’s taste.

Selection from Modern Bathroom Accessories

It is less complex to decorate a residential bathroom than a commercial one. However, in order to achieve an irresistible appeal it is important that you stick to a few rules. If you would prefer your bathroom to have a classic and antique theme then the accessories you choose are completely distinct to modernistic bathroom style. Furthermore, think about form and function before you dive in to purchase accessories. You can even use classic styles in your modern bathroom.

Accessorizing a Classic Home Bathroom

If you prefer a classic bathroom for your home it is helpful to use chrome appliances and accessories. Chrome plumbing fixtures and accessories completely change the outlook of the bathroom, making it appear antique. There is a wide variety of chrome accessories for the bathroom today, ranging from towel racks to soap dishes. Chrome finished accessories do not overwhelm the atmosphere of the bathroom. Additionally, it is pretty easy to maintain as it does not require polishing on a daily basis. Remember to use chrome handles and knobs for cupboards and drawers if you are planning to refurbish your bathroom using a chrome finish.

Porcelain glass accessories are useful for an antique theme. This might be a tad bit expensive but will give you completely worthwhile results.

An unusual classic theme is to use seashells. Seashells are believed to be a natural, calming source. There is a plethora of places that have seashell accessories. If you are not able to find any, use actual shells. An extra advantage – it is an excuse for you to go to the beach! You could use large seashells as a soap dish or as an ornament. For authenticity of the seashell theme, you can create ornaments by putting shells and sand in a jar. Make sure, however, that the seashell theme agrees with the color theme of the bathroom.

Most traditional bathroom accessories have floral or fluting designs. It is best to use neutral hues to create an antique theme for your bathroom. Beige, white, and brown accessories are suitable. Obviously, these accessories have to suit the plumbing fixtures and walls. It is best not to have bright and drastic colours if you want to keep an antique theme.

Accessorizing a Modern Home Bathroom

If you are the contemporary type, it is best to not overdo. You do not want an overcrowded bathroom with no space to keep anything. Opt out for the sculptural accessories as they are out of fashion now. Additionally, sculptural accessories are easier to maintain in long-run for you.

If you appreciate modern bathroom accessories, use stainless steel fixtures. These are not only rust-proof but also go well with many color themes. The best contrast color theme is to include stainless steel accessories with a white color theme. Nowadays, we use stainless steel fixtures so frequently that they have become an inexpensive method of décor.

Bamboo accessories are also included in modern bathroom accessories. Bamboo is used due to being an economical and a renewable source. Since “going green” is the new “thing” bamboo is in high demand today. You may opt for bamboo soap dishes, waste paper baskets, liquid soap holders and toothbrush holders. There are plenty of other useful accessories you can source such as magazine holders. In addition, bamboo goes with many colours schemes.

Light fixtures that give out soft lighting are preferred in a contemporary theme. To achieve this, use wall sconces. They are inexpensive and also reduce those dreaded electricity bills. Do, however, add additional lighting to high traffic areas of the bathroom so that you do not have a difficulty.

It is also important to add a sense of uniqueness to your bathroom. Making it different from other bathrooms grabs attention. Contemporary themes tend to be inexpensive as there are many contemporary accessories available today.

When it comes to choosing the style of your home bathroom remember to stick to these few rules. Do not be afraid to experiment using different techniques. Nevertheless, ensure that your accessories do suit the current theme of your bathroom.

Shop whilst thinking of how the soap dish would go with the wall colour, or how the light fixtures would allow an adequate amount of light whilst applying your make-up. Remember it is all about form and function. Most accessories would not only be decorative, but also have a use. The bathroom is part of your home too, make it count!

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