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Ideal Lights, Colors and Fixtures for Your Master Bathroom Designs

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When your master bedroom has an en suite bathroom, in most cases the interior-decorating theme follows through from the bedroom into the bathroom. So master bathroom designs should take into account the all round feel of bedroom and bathroom together. The thing to remember is that this whole part of the house is a place of intimacy and romance. You may like to identify; what does romance mean to you? Is it flowers and butterflies and birds? What about animal skins and tigers and bamboo? Perhaps it’s the serenity of a Japanese garden, or Zen quietness, or the grandeur of mosaic and Greek statues or Egyptian hieroglyphics? What about minimalist sand and stone colors with replicas of San Bushmen paintings? You are an individual and unique. Your design needs to reflect your uniqueness and individuality. Here are a few ideas you may like to think about.

Skilled use of Lights

Lights and colors have the greatest impact on the atmosphere of your bathroom. Fluorescent light emphasizes blues, while incandescent lights bring out reds. For this reason, choose your colors in lighting similar to that of your bathroom rather than inside a store. Do you like a dim, mysterious atmosphere, or are you a bright light and fresh air type of person? Large windows can let in the light and bring a beautiful view into your bathroom. You can include blinds or curtains in your décor. Skylights and glass bricks are a wonderful way of filling your bathroom with diffused light in the daytime. For nighttime there are endless types of lighting systems to suit your tastes.

Use of Colors

Three primary colors give three different messages in bathroom designs. Green in all its shades is peaceful and relaxing. Yellows are bright and fresh and enlivening. Reds tend to be restless and stirring, sometimes a little melancholy.

Hence you can get different types of color schemes:

The monochromatic is very popular at the moment. You may choose one color and use different shades and its intensities.

An analogous scheme uses colors that are close together on the color wheel, such as yellow and orange or blue and green.

You may use a complementary scheme which uses colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel, such a violet and yellow or red and blue.

Then of course you can have every color on the color wheel. This is lovely for children, or really lively ‘young-at-hearts’.

At the other end of the scale you get master bathroom designs that have no color at all! It sounds strange, but have you any idea how stunning a pure white bathroom can look?

Put in a wooden floor and gold, copper or brass touches and masses of bright light, and you’ll feel as if you are somewhere in the clouds! In a setting like this, shape and form and flow are everything, so as not to look bland.

In Euro-style bathrooms you may be surrounded in black marble with back lighting in the glass shower, tub, sink areas, and back lit translucent floors that glow with a bluish light at night, and the effect can be breathtaking.


The other main aspect of master bathroom designs is fixtures. You may diversify your style with fixtures. Here is a brief overview of some styles.

French Country master bathroom designs tend to have curved lines to be graceful and refined. Soft colors predominate, often monochromatic, but including subtle patterns, floras, and trimmings like pictures, cushions and baskets.

Contemporary master bathroom designs are minimalist. You may prefer straight lines, brushed chrome, glass, spotlights, and lots of empty open space. Colors are usually less important than textures.

Traditional master bathroom designs go for colonial, federal, or a combination of both. Every line of this kind of bathroom says ‘craftsmanship’. Wood is very predominant and colors tend to be subtle blends of colors that show up the woodwork. Countertops are often granite and marble, and faucets and fittings decorative and crafted.

Victorian master bathroom designs look authentic in large rooms with ball and claw tubs, columned sinks and goose necked faucets.Ceilings are high and windows small, with lace curtains. The bathrooms are full of delightful fussy little stands and rails and soap dishes in china, or painted cast iron. Even the mirrors usually have sandblasted designs. Tiles are usually laid in patterns, and colors are usually white or cream with some green.

Eclectic master bathroom designs can have a little of any or every style, whatever appeals to you. For this kind of bathroom you need a really good eye for design, color and style. If you do have these talents, this kind of bathroom can be the best of all the master bathroom designs!

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