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Background, Development and Ranges of Kohler Bathroom Sink

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Kohler bathroom sink is a well reputed name in the industry…

But history of Kohler Group is much more interesting. The year 1873 in America was a stressful time. The country’s finances and the economy were going through very uncertain times. A five year long depression was just around the corner. In spite of this John Michael Kohler, a 29-year-old Austrian immigrant, saw beyond the risk to an opportunity, and bought the Sheboygan Union Iron and Steel Foundry where he was employed.

He began in times of economic hardship by manufacturing and selling horse troughs that could also be used as scalding vats to remove hair from pig carcasses. Farmers still had their livelihood to earn, so they bought them. A big breakthrough came when he discovered the trick of enameling the troughs. He realized that they would make excellent bathtubs if they had feet mounted on them. The public obviously agreed with him. Kohler also sold many other items, such as enameled sinks, spittoons and pots and pans.

One wonders if he could have foreseen the phenomenal growth of his little business into the family of businesses as it is today. It includes, along with the Kitchen and Bathroom Group, the Interiors Group, the Global Power Group, and the Hospitality and the Real Estate Group.

Bathroom fixtures and fittings have been associated with the name ‘Kohler’ for as long as anyone can remember … and before that, too. Not only is this name a byword for reliability and quality, don’t be misled into thinking that this is only good, old fashioned value. It is cutting edge too. The vision and enterprise that was put into creating the Kohler brand name in the beginning is still there now, making sure that they incorporate the leading technological advances into their Kohler bathroom sink as well as all their other products as they emerge.

Range of Kohler Bathroom Sinks

Kohler bathroom sinks are available in a range of styles to suit every imaginable bathroom. There is one for you, too.

Even their traditional pedestal sinks have a striking new look. Instead of a featureless smooth pedestal, they create pillars and pilasters, but subtle, not over-ornamental as they would have been many years ago.

The sink sections range from traditional rectangular with an oval basin, to smooth yin-yang creations. Many are made of vitreous enamel, usually in white or delicately tinted. Most colors are subdued and neutral but other colors are available, too. Their new color palettes tend to be subtle rather than garish even though they have both cool and warm colors ranging from light tints to dark colors. Materials are not limited to vitreous enamel.

Another material used for the Kohler sinks is glass, both spun and cast, and either clear or opaque. You can buy a stainless steel Kohler bathroom sink in finishes of polished, matte, mirror French gold, or satin bronze. Even contemporary enameled cast iron in interesting shapes is available.

Very popular at the moment are the rectangular, flattened, shallow sinks that add an ultra-sleek look to any bathroom.

Many types of under-mounted sinks are available, including beautifully painted ‘camber’ bowls. The Kohler bathroom sink which is given Kohler’s copyrighted ‘camber’ trademark can be made to look like ceramic, porcelain, glass or various different kinds of stone.

Kohler bathroom sinks cater for the retro look with many traditional looking, self-rimming round and oval sinks. These often incorporate little ridges or rings on their rims, but somehow never look clumsy or out of proportion, the way some genuine antiques do.

The antique-look faucets and fittings you need to complement them are also available for the sinks. Some really interesting ones are those fashioned after the old drinking fountain you used to find in public places a long, long time ago.

Of course these Kohler bathroom sinks are made to look dainty and streamlined and not roughly carved out of chunky stone, the way they sometimes were in bygone days.

If there is one word to describe the Kohler collection of bathroom sinks, I would say ‘elegant’. They have managed to take and incorporate every imaginable design of sink, and give it that touch of class that is unmistakably their own. That uniqueness of style that distinguishes craftsmanship in any area of expertise is what separates the artistic from the mundane.

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