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Hand Painted Bathroom Sink; a Piece of Art in Your Bathroom

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A really beautiful hand painted bathroom sink is unique and unforgettable. It is as eye catching as any other work of art that you see in someone’s house. If you have seen such a genuine painted bathroom sink and you know that this is what you want in your bathroom, there are a few different ways of getting one.

Buy a Hand Painted Bathroom Sink

This is the first and most obvious option. There are many specialist bathroom-ware stores, as well as online stores that have an amazing range of the most exquisite kinds of hand painted bathroom sinks. You can find heavily and intricately patterned Mexican bathroom sinks as well as sinks in plain, single colors. Whichever you choose, your painted bathroom sink is going to make a vivid statement in your bathroom, and definitely be the focal point of the room.

Get it Designed

Here is an option that gives you a lot more scope for your own creativity. This is where your own ideas and visions can combine with the artistic skills of a professional artist. You are going to have to know exactly what you want. This means the actual designs, patterns or art painting, as well as the whole theme of your bathroom, including color scheme, lighting, fixtures and fittings. Then you need to put this across to the artist who is going to decorate your sink. Many artists reserve the right to choose the sink themselves, or make it, according to your description or photograph. This is because they know that certain types of ceramics are more suited to their paints, glazes and firing. They are going to need very accurate measurements, or the serial number and brand name of the type of sink you want them to copy.

Bear in mind that the artist who creates your hand painted bathroom sink can give you really good advice about the rest of your bathroom décor, and what faucets and other trimmings would go well with the sink.

Make Your Own

If you have experience in ceramics and have an artistic flair, why not give this project a try?

You are going to need either a really thorough knowledge of all the technicalities of working with porcelain clays and glazes, or you will have to get some very sound help and advice. There is, in addition, special skill needed in preparing and firing such a large object as a hand painted bathroom sink. The porcelain needs to be fired at a very high temperature to make the sink durable, and prevent cracking, and also to ensure vivid, permanent colors.

Finishing Touches

Your bathroom décor and especially the color scheme are going to have to be carefully chosen to complement and even emphasize your new sink. Other fixtures, lighting and fittings must fall in with whatever theme you have chosen. Stark, minimalist, brushed chrome faucets, or heavy, pitch black Gothic ones might not, for instance, go with pretty yellow daisies! Hand painted tiles in panels, rows or surrounding areas you want to highlight, such as the bathroom sink back splash, or a mirror or a glass shelf are an option to think about. This can give even greater impact to your beautiful new hand painted bathroom sink, especially if it continues the theme or elaborates on it. If your artistic instincts have led you well, you will have something very special - your bathroom is going to be a work of art!

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