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Glass Tile Bathroom; Tips to Use Glass Tiles to Convert Your Bathroom Into a Piece of Art

How to build a glass tile bathroom?

Glass tiles are rectangles of glass cut to size, the edges smoothed and screened with paint on one side. (This will be the back). Then the paint is baked onto the glass. This type of tile is very different to the normal ceramic tiles. The color seen through the glass has a partially transparent glow to it. This effect is intensified when lights shine on it.

If you choose this type of tile, you need to carefully plan your lighting in your glass tile bathroom to make the most of this special quality.Glass tiles can be up to three times stronger than ceramic tiles of similar size and thickness. Because the color is at the back of the tiles, it is protected from wear and tear, so the tiles are more durable.

Mirror Glass Tile Bathroom

A really interesting idea you can introduce into your bathroom theme is mirrors. This works really well if you love light and space. These are both greatly enhanced and emphasized by the use of mirrors. The only thing is you need to be careful of how or what they are reflecting.

You donít want to walk into your bathroom and get the impression that there are about five toilets in the room, or other fixtures, or even several clones of yourself! They should preferably be placed to reflect tiles, lights, windows, or indoor plants.

Mosaic mirrors in a glass tile bathroom give a shimmering light effect. They can be part of a mosaic art work or framed in colored glass mosaics or tiles. There are online stores that provide a graph paper grid for you to fill in with the colors of your design and they will custom make your mosaic panels for you. You can also have mirrors cut and beveled into shapes and then built up into pictures or designs in panels or strips.

Another really beautiful option is to have designs or other artwork sand blasted onto your mirrors. These look really good on a large mirror, framing the central parts, which are left plain for normal use as a mirror, that is, to see your own reflection.

Stained Glass Tile Bathroom