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Glass Bathroom Sinks, Kinds, Usage and Decoration Methods

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When we think of glass bathroom sinks the first thing we are inclined to picture is a plain, transparent glass basin set on a countertop. These are certainly available and can look very good. However this is very, very far from all that is available. If you make a little search you can find different kinds of glass sinks with variety of textures and decorations.


Here are a few variations to the ‘plain’ glass bathroom sinks:

• Clear glass sink:

With this everything depends on its surroundings to enhance it and make it the focal point of your bathroom.

• Clear glass sink set in a glass counter over a fish tankIf the fish tank is clean and attractive, your plain glass bathroom sink needs no other embellishment to be very beautiful.

• Clear glass set on a translucent under-lit glass counterClear or partially opaque glass glows like alabaster with this treatment.

• Clear glass with sand blasted motifs:

Sand blasted pictures or designs can be big and bold or small and dainty. Both can look wonderful.

• Clear glass with cut-glass motifs:

Cut glass is generally delicate. Tall slim vines, plants, birds or Chinese figures become a work of art, cut into a glass bowl.

• Tinted glass:

This comes in almost all colors, but burgundy reds and dark blues seem to be the most popular.

• Painted glass:

These are generally plain colors, or with printed pictures and patterns.

• Hand painted glass:

These are as individual as the artist who paints them.

• All kinds of frosted glass:

These also come in different densities and sometimes have subtle patterns, such as snow-flakes.

• Glass blown or molded into unusual shapes:

Molded glass may be fairly common, blown is probably very scarce. It’s also a work of art and very individual to each artist.

• Cut crystal glass:

This needs no explanation. It’s just exquisite.

Where to Use

Glass sinks lend themselves to mounting on countertops, vanities, consoles, old-fashioned wash stands and shaving stands. They can also be very successfully wall mounted with decorative brackets. They can be so tiny as to squeeze into the corner of the smallest cloakroom toilet, or large enough to grace a huge, luxurious bathroom.

One thing to bear in mind is what sort of usage your glass bathroom sink is going to be subjected to. Even toughened glass may not stand up to a large jug of boiling water, or a very lively family of five children and three dogs in and out of the bathroom.

You might like to choose one of the sinks with a slim metal rim to protect it from chipping. It may also be a good idea not to have heavy objects on shelves or racks directly above glass sinks.

How to Decorate

When one thinks of glass, what immediately springs to mind is light. Glass is always given an extra radiance when light is shone on it or around it or underneath it. What needs careful choices in bathrooms with glass bathroom sinks is texture. Well-lit glass immediately throws emphasis on the textures around it. ‘Contrast’, rather than ‘bland’ or ‘similar’ is usually the way to go. You will not, for example, be as successful with shiny glass tiles or mirrors, or with plain, pale or pastel ceramic tiles as you would with natural textured tiles, wood, cork or rough stone, or even heavily veined marble. Chrome and most other metals also go very well with glass. If plain, painted or tiled walls are to be used, you could try using darker colors that throw the brightness of lit up glass into exciting contrast.

The Unique Quality

Almost every kind of glass bathroom sink can blend into the décor of almost any time frame. It is the one sink that is truly ageless. You could put a frosted glass, or a hand painted glass bathroom sink with a minimalist blackened brass faucet into a Zen bathroom with raked sand tray, incense, and a single Japanese lantern and it would be in its perfect setting. But you could take that same glass bathroom sink out and place it on a beautiful paneled cabinet with highly ornamental antique faucets, beside heavily embossed brass candelabras, and it would be in its perfect setting there, too!

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