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The Favorite Choice: Electronic Bathroom Scales

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About twenty years ago electronic bathroom scales began to slowly but surely replace the old spring analogue bathroom scales. Today both kinds are still available, but the favorite choice is the electronic, or digital, scale.

When you look for the scale to suit you, choose one that has clearly visible numbers on the LCD. Sometimes the LCD screen is backlit, or has extra large numbers. This makes reading even easier. If it is still difficult to read, you could try and get a removable LCD screen that you can move to a higher place where you can see it more easily. Sometimes these LCDs are wireless, which is very convenient. If your vision is more limited, you can get one with a voice function that speaks the numbers to you.

It is generally considered that you cannot expect perfect accuracy on a bathroom scale, even an electronic one. But what you do need is a consistent reading. Even if the scale is not perfectly accurate, you can measure changes in the readings over time, to monitor your progress. It must remain consistent, so it you are buying a scale from a store, test it by weighing yourself several times within a few minutes, to see if your weight stays the same, before you buy it.

You can expect the same lack of accuracy with the body fat measurement in digital bathroom scales. Once again, if it is consistent, you can safely measure progress over time, which is after all, what most people want a scale for.

Most good electronic bathroom scales have a memory to record the progress of more than one person, who share the same scale. Usually they are available in models that record two or four people, but some are available that record as many as ten. A very useful feature is the ability to record your previous measurements, and some can draw comparisons and tell you how much weight, body fat or water you have gained or lost since the previous session.

Although plug-in electronic bathroom scales are available, with transformers, the usual type, and the most popular and safest are those that are battery operated. Lithium batteries last a long time, and are the most preferred. Before you use one of these scales, check with your doctor that the slight current that pulses through you to measure body fat and water won’t affect you, if you are pregnant or wearing electronic devices such as hearing aids or pacemakers.

Tips for Choosing Electronic Bathroom Scales

You are in the market for an electronic bathroom scale. You need to be wise to the fact that there are some pitfalls in choosing one. In the beginning there were only a few brands of electronic bathroom scales available. They were reputable and choosing was easy. But, as always happens when a new product becomes popular, new scale brand names started popping up with increasing frequency. That doesn’t mean that all new brand names are to be avoided. What you need to do is exercise caution.

Your best bet is of course is to stick to the old, well known brands. You can also check out what the ‘experts’ are using. These are sports clubs, fitness clubs, gyms, organizations like ‘Biggest Loser’, Weight Watchers, Weigh-Less, and many more.

You should normally steer clear of ‘no-name’ brands. Mostly they are very bad quality, and won’t last long, as well as being totally inaccurate and inconsistent.

If you are unsure of the digital bathroom scale you are interested in buying, check the address of the manufacturer. Sometimes it just turns out to be the address of a dealer or importer, who has no back up service whatsoever. The address may even have been vacated a few weeks later as soon as the dealer has ‘unloaded’ his junk onto an unsuspecting public.

Be careful also to check the spelling of the brand name you are buying. Sometimes producers of very inferior scales ‘imitate’ the famous brand names, with the spelling just slightly changed.

Another thing to be careful of is the well respected manufacturer of good quality electronic bathroom scales who also has another line of cheaper, inferior models. Strangely enough, there is an upside to all these cheap imports, both good and bad. The more respected producers of electronic bathroom scales try to keep the prices of their products within reasonable ranges, in order to compete price-wise with the new ones.

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