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Double Sink Bathroom Vanity; Reasons and Choice

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A double sink bathroom vanity is a worthwhile option if you don’t have a space problem. But a double sink bathroom is not going to use double area of a single bathroom sink. In some of the smaller vanities, the basins can be fairly close together.

If you have ever gone to clean your teeth and found your partner already cleaning his or her teeth, you know why a double sink bathroom vanity double sink bathroom vanity

is just the way to go!

Apart from the convenience for two partners sharing a bathroom, when you consider kids and their bathrooms, you just have to have a double sink bathroom vanity! If you have two children, they can each have their own sink in the vanity, and no squabbles about ‘You left the basin dirty!’ or ‘What have you done with my special soap – just look at it!’

Even if you have more than two children, you can have a girls’ basin with pretty fixtures and even transfers or feminine colors, and a boys’ basin with more masculine fixtures, cartoons or colors.

Likewise, in a large family, you can have older boys’/girls’ sink and younger boys’/girls’ sink.

Styles of Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

Quite often your double sink bathroom vanity is the focal point of your bathroom. It is the part of the bathroom that lends itself most to a decorator’s touch. There are literally hundreds of kinds, styles and shapes of double sink bathroom vanities.

If you go for a colonial style of vanity, it will be a piece of furniture to be proud of, rather than just a fixture. A colonial style of double sink bathroom vanity is usually a masterpiece of craftsmanship. There are frequently cabriole legs, panels, turnings, scrolling or beading, lacy looking scroll-saw cutouts and even carvings. It may have drawers and/or cupboards for storage with and antique or replica antique handles of brass or wrought iron. The faucets should be carefully chosen to match the handles, or at least to blend in with the theme. Mirrors, shelves, soap dishes, perhaps a candelabra or wall mounted light fitting over the vanity, as well as ornaments are available to emphasize the theme and style of the colonial double sink bathroom.

Contemporary styles of double sink bathroom vanities are no less beautiful. They tend to be more streamlined and are often of painted wood. There is usually less detail, but lines, curves and colors are usually well planned to give a special effect, and bathrooms tend to be on the minimalist side. Granite, stone, marble, glass and even metals such as copper, chrome, gold-look are stunning.

Sometimes a modern double sink is made to mount on the wall, with no pedestal or legs. Sink basins come in all types for vanities. They may be the drop-in kind or under mounted kind, which look really good with granite, marble or stone countertops. Sometimes they are free standing, on top of the counters and they can be made of metal, glass, stone, marble or even specially treated wood. Painted ceramic bowls are lovely and a glass free standing bowl on top of an opaque glass counter top which has under lighting looks amazing.

Lighting is all-important for contemporary double sink bathroom vanity areas. It can be bright or subdued, and is often concealed giving the bathroom a glow, brighter in areas or on fixtures you want to display, and dimmer in areas that you don’t want to emphasize. With so many choices available to you, your bathroom can look as good as any other room in your house, especially if you have a double sink bathroom vanity.

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