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Discount Bathroom Fixtures

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You may go for discount bathroom fixtures because they donít have the number of working parts that faucets and some other fittings have. But you should go for this cheap option only when these fixtures are in good conditions and donít have obvious defects.

In this article, we shall discuss the four most important fixtures found in bathrooms that you may be able to get cheaply, or at least, get discounts on. These are the bathtub, the sink, the toilet and the shower cubicle.

The Bathtubs

Bathtubs are normally sold without their fittings, and it is only the materials that they are made of that need concern you. When you are going for discount bathroom fixtures, an old bathtub is an excellent option.

Bathtubs come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles. They are usually available in enameled cast iron, enameled steel, and very commonly in fiberglass. You can also get them in plastics and acrylics. Plastics, acrylics and fiberglass bathtubs are available in many colors and styles. They are also cheaper than the average enameled cast iron or steel bathtub.

Check your bathroom suppliers and online stores for sales, special offers on discount that might become available from time to time. Fiberglass, enameled steel and cast iron are generally the more popular options when it comes to bathtubs.

Although fiberglass tends to be less expensive, you may find steel or iron bathtubs as discount bathroom fixtures if it has been chipped, discolored and then restored by re-enameling or even painted with special enamel bathtub paint. These bathtubs are most popular in white, but colored ones are available. A great many restored antique bathtubs have been re-enameled and are perfectly all right as long as you do not use harsh abrasives on them or drop anything heavy into the tub.


While looking for discount, you can go for toilets with their fittings. Some toilet fittings are occasionally less effective than others, especially as to the amount of water the flush mechanism lets through. The dual flush type of mechanism can sometimes be poor quality, and youíll have to decide whether the discount you get on a cheap toilet will be enough to cover a possible new mechanism. The toilets themselves are made of vitreous china and are hard and durable as well as pretty standard in quality. You may get more modern and streamlined shapes as well as colors other than white, for which you will probably have to pay extra.


Pedestal and wall mounted sinks and many drop in and undermount sinks as well as quite a lot of vessel type sinks are also of vitreous china. These are very hard and durable and with normal care last a lifetime. So what you can get as discount bathroom fixtures are probably a bargain. Just examine it well for obvious flaws or damage.

If you find an offer for a sink discount bathroom fixture made of a metal such as brass, copper, bronze or stainless steel, find out whether they are indeed made of the metal claimed, and what quality of metal has been used. They are usually graded and should be marked as such. If you choose a bathroom sink of stainless steel and just judge the quality by the look of it, you may be disappointed later on when it goes dull and even rusty. Your sink discount bathroom fixture should be made of stainless steel Type 302. This resists corrosion, is durable and contains the right combination of chrome and nickel to keep it bright and shiny for many years.


Selecting a shower cubicle discount bathroom fixture is quite simple. If it looks all right it probably is. What you need to check are the door slides to make sure there are no damage or irregularities to prevent the doors running smoothly, and that the catches and handles are strong and work correctly. They are preferable in chrome or stainless steel. The trays normally come in a few standard sizes and are available in vitreous china or fiberglass. They can be white or colored. You need to be sure that the glass quality meets the necessary requirements and standards, in other words, it should be at least 8mm thick laminated or toughened safety glass. The shower fittings are usually sold separately.

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