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Discount Bathroom Faucets vs. Cheap Bathroom Faucets

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You may be looking for discount bathroom faucets. However, they are different from cheap bathroom faucets. You may find a demand for the both depending upon the circumstances.

When you are not going for quality you may prefer cheap bathroom faucets. We won’t examine the ethics, but some people buy and sell property, with-profit making the only goal.

A house is bought and given a superficial makeover so that it looks good and attracts buyers. Believe me there are some makes of extremely poor quality bathroom faucets that look like a million dollars, until you try them out!

Another reason, not desirable, but somewhat less dishonest, is when renting out cheap apartments in an area where the properties are regularly trashed, when they are vacated and the tenants move out, or even by vandals after the tenants have moved out. Here also, the cheaper the better. You’ll probably be replacing many of the fittings on a regular basis anyway.

For pure economic reasons in your own home, though, it isn’t a good idea to go for the cheap ones. Your best option is to look for discount bathroom faucets. You may even be lucky enough to find them at not much more that the cheap, poor quality ones, but the difference is that you’ll have to search for them.

Discount Bathroom Faucets

To start with, you need to familiarize yourself with the well-known, trusted brands. You also need to investigate the lesser-known brands of faucets. Don’t necessarily reject them out of hand. Some of them are perfectly acceptable. Lots of homework needs to be done, though. Ask you friends and acquaintances; ask plumbers; ask at stores; read reviews on the internet ezines and in magazines. Find out about guarantees and replacement parts and after-sales service that all the different brands and dealers have to offer.

The first and most obvious places to look for your discount bathroom faucets are at your usual bathroom and hardware stores. Ask them about upcoming sales and special offers. Most do have them from time to time. Then you can look online. If you see a dealer whose offer interests you, find out about the dealer first.

If he is an obscure importer in a dingy and obviously temporary office, forget it! Beware also of ‘well known’ brands of discount bathroom faucets that are slightly miss-spelled, or sound a lot like the ‘real thing’. These are not the ‘real things’ at all but are deliberately fraudulent.

You can look on e-bay. There are no guarantees for most of these products, but you can find some really good bargains there. Quite often people decide to have a bathroom makeover and want to sell their perfectly good bathroom faucets and replace them with a different style to go with their new décor. You might find lovely contemporary faucets offered by people who are going for a retro look, or you may find elegant antique faucets from people who are modernizing their bathrooms.

A very good place to look is at your scrap or junkyards. Quite often leaky faucets simply get thrown out and replaced. Most of the older types are of the washer type. It is childishly simple to replace the old washer with a new one, and sometimes the faucet needs reseating with an inexpensive reseating tool from your hardware store, and that is all. As good as new! Nearly all the good makes of faucet are repairable, or at the very least, parts are replaceable. You need to educate yourself as to how easy and cost effective it is for you to do the job.

Another place to go hunting for discount bathroom faucets is at your nearest demolition recovery dealer. Any salvage they have is very likely still in good condition, or they probably wouldn’t have bothered to rescue it. If you are hoping for a lovely old antique set of faucets, you could come away very happy indeed!

Another idea is to go to stores that sell donated goods for charity. If you find what you are looking for there you will have the added satisfaction of knowing that your money goes to a very good cause. Lastly, don’t neglect checking garage sales and second-hand stores. Remember when you look in these places, you need to know a good faucet from a bad one. Sometimes an old, tarnished grey-brown faucet will turn out on closer inspection to be a lovely solid brass one that will polish up and look magnificent in your retro bathroom.

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