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Benefits of A Digital Bathroom Scale

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In the past, not every bathroom had a weighing scale and those that did had a cupboard or shelf where it could be stashed away and often forgotten.

Today, with obesity on the increase, many people are becoming more and more conscious of weight. There is concern about the ratio of body fat to water in the body, which has an impact on health.

The digital bathroom scale comes in a whole range that monitors body fat and body water percentages. Some can be set in different modes of fitness, such as athletic mode, medium fit mode or unfit mode.

There is a electrical bathroom scale that will display as many as seven previous readings so that you can keep a close eye on the weight you have lost or picked up.

If you are part of a large family or group who need to share the electrical bathroom scale there are some that monitor more than one user. There is even a electrical bathroom scale that can monitor up to ten users.

Kinds and Styles

Firstly, choose your electrical bathroom scale from a reliable dealer with proven after sale service, or a scale with a reputable brand name. Beware of brand names that sound similar to the well known ones, but aren’t the same. Some of the better scales come with a lifetime guarantee.

There is a electrical bathroom scale in almost every shape and design that you can think of. Unlike in the past, with the plain looking, boring, square, white mechanical scale (that actually belonged in a cupboard, hidden from sight) the new electrical bathroom scale is made to blend in with the most carefully arranged décor. Today you can get a circular chrome and glass digital bathroom scale that looks so attractive it ought to hang on the bathroom wall as a decoration, where everyone can see it!

You can get digital bathroom scales for people who weigh up to 440lb –200kg. Scales normally go up in 0.1 or 0.2 (lb or kg) increments. The digital bathroom scale is calibrated in pounds or kilograms and sometimes in both.

Power Source for a Digital Bathroom Scale

There are some electrical bathroom scales that run off transformers plugged into a wall socket, but this is generally very inconvenient for bathroom use.

A electrical bathroom scale usually runs off batteries.

Some use several AAA batteries. Some use a 9volt long life battery. Some use lithium long life batteries. There are even electrical bathroom scales that have a built in solar panel and run on solar power. You need to be sure there is enough light in your bathroom to be able to use these.

Bathroom Scale for Special Purposes

If you are one of the many who have difficulty in seeing the LCD display clearly at foot level, there is a electrical bathroom scale with a display that is wireless and can be detached and placed on a wall or counter, way above the floor so that you can see it more clearly.

For the visually handicapped, there is even a talking version of electrical bathroom scales available.

There are scales with motion sensing technology for people who may be a little unsteady on their feet, and there are some with built-in hand rails to hold on to. These have the LCD display in the center of the handrail, in clear sight. If you are a disabled person in a wheelchair, and your bathroom is big enough to accommodate it, you can get a digital bathroom scale with ramps or a platform onto which your chair can go.

There is a whole range of electrical bathroom scales suitable for people suffering from severe obesity problems. They go up to 800lb capacity and come with or without handrails and wheelchair ramps that can fold away. They have remote digital displays and some come in a talking version.

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