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How to be Unique When Decorating Bathrooms?

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Interior decorators apply their unique sense of creativity while decorating bathrooms. They use these bathrooms to achieve front cover publicity. You may not have even thought to place your bathroom picture on front cover of a niche magazine but you should brainstorm to find ideas for decorating your bathroom. Do not be afraid to add something, no matter how outrageous, to your bathroom. After all, in order to be noticed it is best to be original in your concept.

Decorating bathrooms does not require much effort but quite a bit of thought. Hire those professionals if you are planning on changing everything in the bathroom. Do not plan to do it yourself unless you are an expert yourself. If you are unsure about the colour scheme or style you want research or hire a professional. Obviously, hiring a professional would require quite a lot of money. Nevertheless, do not fret; there are many designer magazines nowadays to help beginners to find their unique sense of style. Be creative and unique; you will achieve the seventh heaven in your bathroom.

The following tips are in additions to the article on decorating bathrooms from previous page:

Decorating Bathrooms: Ceiling Technique

Most people forget about their bathroom ceilings while decorating bathrooms. Plain, white ceilings are common for last minute resolving. However, the appropriate ceiling can change the way your bathroom appears.

There are many types of ceilings for your bathroom to choose from, including paint and finish, ceiling tiling, tongue and groove cladding, and UPVC panelling. Remember that when it comes to bathrooms do keep the ceiling surface treated well to prevent moisture and fungus attack. It is best not to opt for timber surfaces as they require a lot of maintenance. UPVC surfaces need minimal maintenance and do not take out much from your pocket.

Although the texture of the ceiling is essential, do keep in mind that the colour is important. The colour of the ceiling depends upon the colour of the surroundings. If you have chosen a dark value for your floor and walls then stick to a light hue for your ceiling to create a balance. However, the mostly judged parts of the bathroom are the plumbing fixtures.

Decorating Bathrooms: Plumbing Fixtures

The plumbing fixtures are the necessities of a bathroom. Without them a bathroom would just be a normal room. Nowadays, there is a variety of plumbing fixtures available for decorating a bathroom. If you are planning to install the plumbing fixtures as well think about the material and colour. These properties depend upon your colour scheme and theme of your bathroom. Additionally, think about the types of plumbing fixtures you need to obtain.

Porcelain plumbing fixtures are suitable for any classic style bathroom. Chrome and ceramic, however, suit any style of bathroom. To make a bathroom contemporary use whimsical and structural fixtures. However, it is important to think about colour as well. The colour of your plumbing fixtures should suit the bathroom colour scheme.

It is possible to purchase in plumbing fixtures that suit your bathroom colour scheme. Do not just opt for white plumbing fixtures just because you are afraid of mixing colours. From a whirlpool tub for leisure baths to a Victorian-styled claw-foot bath tub it is essential that you go into a bit of research before you dive into buying any old bath tub or shower. If you are on a low budget opt for pre-molded fiberglass unit which acts as a shower and a tub. How convenient? Another important feature of the bathroom involves illumination.

Decorating Bathrooms: Light Fixtures

In order to carry out your routine bathroom activities it is important to have plenty of illumination in the right areas. When you decorate a bathroom think about the appropriate illumination needed for parts of the bathroom.

Near the mirror where activities such as applying make-up or shaving take place, ensure that the light fixtures do not cause shadow. Opt for light fixtures that give out warm light for adequate illumination and set the mood. Additionally, mounting sidelights along the sides of the mirror is useful to reduce glare and not overpower the bathroom. On the other hand, bright lighting is required for the shower area. Use recessed lighting to create a sense of class and brighten up the area.

Furthermore, it is best to use as much natural lighting as possible through skylights or even by controlling illumination with window curtains. This method would not only help you with your expenditure but is a “greener” approach.

In smaller bathrooms it is possible to have one ceiling light fixture to light up the entire bathroom. Carry out this traditional fashion if you are on a low budget. However, do remember to include lighting near the mirror for your benefit.

Decorating Bathrooms: Accessories

This part should be the final touch when decorating bathrooms. Accessories for your bathroom could range from toothbrush holders to indoor plants. Remember to have form and function. It is possible to have a designer approach to your bathroom that allows you to easily carry out your tasks without you being afraid to use your designer toothbrush holder. Hang towels that match your shower curtains. It is important to keep the towel colours completely different to your wall colour. For a classy modern approach take some extra towels and place them in a small basket on the floor or vanity rolled up. Antique bottles or containers can be fished out of the attic and be substituted as holders for lotions and soaps.

Moreover, use the faucets and cabinet handles as jewelery for your bathroom. Brushed nickel, stainless steel or the traditional polished chrome are some finishes for these faucets and handles. Choose them with great care, as they can affect the way your entire bathroom appears. Make sure that the material chosen is kept constant in the bathroom, and suits your colour scheme and theme well.

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