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Tips on Decorating a Bathroom

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Decorating a bathroom may be an exciting task. From being classic and antique to modern and adventurous, you can bring out your ideal bathroom style perceptions. Unlike other rooms in the house you may use a variety of patterns and colours. With other items, such as accessories, your bathroom would be suitable for a magazine front cover.

It does not matter whether you are decorating your bathroom for the first time or just bored with the old decoration, the bathroom is considered the easiest room in the house to embellish. Additionally, if chosen correctly decorating your bathroom could be pretty inexpensive as well. However, this depends upon the level of decoration you are about to do.

There is going to be some tedious work involving hiring the right professionals for bathroom installations. Unless you are extremely experienced you are going to require a plumber, floor and wall installer, painter, electrician, and cabinet installer.

Use of Common Components

Regardless of your style and budget there are a few common components for a bathroom. They include the shower curtains, floor and wall design, ceiling design, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures and accessories. Without these components you will not be able to fulfil your ideal of what you want your bathroom to be.

Decorating a Bathroom; Shower Curtains

Such a small element of the bathroom can have a major impact upon several other major parts of the bathroom. When decorating a bathroom think about the colour scheme you are using. You can opt for a shower curtain that has a pattern or a solid colour.

If you are just too afraid that you have not found the right shower curtain, invest in a white or a slightly opaque type. These types of shower curtains suit any colour scheme that you want in your bathroom.

Decorating a Bathroom; Floor and Wall Design

Every element of a bathroom depends upon each other. The wall colour should be one of the colours in your shower curtain pattern. In the event of your curtain being a solid hue, be creative and indulge in a complementary colour scheme or monochromatic colour scheme. For smaller bathrooms use lighter hues to make the bathroom appear more airy and larger. To be safe rather than sorry, take your shower curtain to the paint store. Obviously, it would be easier to take a newly purchased shower curtain so that you do not have to bother drying and folding up your old one.

decorating a bathroom Unlike the wall, however, floor colours are unlimited. When you decide on your floor colour or surface you must already know your colour scheme. There are many options for colour and material. In the old days, using carpeting for your bathroom would be severely criticized. However, nowadays, there is a wide variety of suitable bathroom carpeting you can use for decorating a bathroom. If you are interested in carpeting for your bathroom floor, use carpeting as flooring in small bathrooms and area rugs in large bathrooms. This rule cuts costs and also means less maintenance.

The traditional type of flooring in a bathroom is tiles, such as granite, marble or ceramic. There are many types of tiles that would take your breath away. This type of flooring is suitable for any bathroom, large or small. Regardless of the floor type used, remember to use extra rugs on top near the toilet, bidet, shower, and sink area. However, remember to have a balance in colour value when it comes to floor and wall colour.

When it comes to colour, it is easier to stick to a colour scheme rather than deciding what goes with what on that day. Additionally, remember the balance between dark and light values. A bathroom that consists of extreme dark colours for the floors and walls would just be too scary. On the other hand, a bathroom that consists of extreme light colours would just be too bright for your sleepy eyes in the morning. If you have dark walls use a light hue for your floor. Reverse the technique if you were to have light walls. If you were to follow a colour scheme, such as complementary or monochromatic, there is a variety of different colours for the main colour you choose. The ceiling texture and colour depend greatly upon the walls and floor colour.

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