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The Perfect Corner Bathroom Vanities

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Corner Bathroom Vanities Corner bathroom vanities are ideal for space management in your small bathroom and just plain stylish in a larger bathroom. They are becoming rather common these days. Although a tad difficult to find, their main purpose is to solve any space dilemmas in your bathroom.

Other than being compact, these types of vanities also impart a stylish look to any type of bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, half bathroom or apartment bathroom then you are the ideal candidate for a corner bathroom vanity.

If you are the victim of a small bathroom or an irregularly shaped bathroom, a corner bathroom vanity gives some storage space to the bathroom. It is possible to install corner vanities without making your bathroom appear confined. Although they are small and convenient, they only give a limited amount of storage space. Nevertheless, do not worry; add shelving and extra storage cabinets on the wall if you require more storage.


It is important that you choose the right type of corner vanities for your bathroom. There are two types of corner bathroom vanities: Pedestal Style and Cabinet Base. The choice is just a matter of preference and convenience. Moreover, you have to think about the material you prefer and the amount of space you have in your bathroom.

Pedestal Style

If you have limited space in your bathroom opt for a pedestal corner vanity. They come with pedestal style rounded bases, hence their name. You would have a wide variety of beautiful pedestal style vanities to choose from. Additionally, they would easily fit in most corner spaces regardless of the fact that they are not built for corners.

Nowadays, pedestal vanities are the trend. This is because you can choose many attractive shades to suit the style of your bathroom. This choice is ideal if you require a complementing colour. Furthermore, white and off-white colors are also available if you would prefer the corner vanity to blend into the background. Cabinet corner bathroom vanities also come in a wide variety of shades and form.

Cabinet Base

If you require extra storage space the cabinet base vanity is ideal for your bathroom. These vanities consist of one or two cabinets as a part of the vanity. There are many designs available with a cabinet base. However, the only minuscule concern is maintenance.

The cabinets of these vanities tend to be made out of wood, which require more maintenance than pedestal style vanities. Thus, if you are to purchase one ensure that you get the cabinets treated properly against water and moisture. However, both these types of vanities are built with many types of materials suitable for the bathroom.


Deciding on the right vanity material is a simple task. Due to technology today, durable materials are used for the bathroom. However, there are some irresistible materials that might require special cleaners or polishing for maintenance. When it comes to purchasing the vanity, think about the condition and use of your bathroom. If you have a family bathroom ensure that glass on a vanity would not affect your children. Glass is also rather fragile. You would see a lot of scrapes, cracks, and smudges if the vanity is in a high traffic bathroom and constantly used by small children. You really do not want to be constantly cleaning and treating expensive materials just to keep it good looking. Instead think about materials such as granite, marble, metal or travertine for the countertops and cabinets. They are durable and easy to clean.

Most vanities tend to be made with maple, cherry, oak or mahogany. Take care, ensure they are treated properly. Authentic corner bathroom vanities should be converted so that it can be used in the modern bathroom. Hiring a carpenter is ideal for this task, unless you are experienced. Another important aspect to keep in mind is the amount of space you have available in your bathroom.

Space Requirement

Know your space commodity before you purchase a corner bathroom vanity. Additionally, pay attention to the plumbing resources available in the area you are planning to keep the vanity. Do not be embarrassed to take your measurements and a measuring tape with you to the store. If you are unsure about the sizes do not hesitate to ask help from the sales staff.

If you are planning on purchasing a corner bathroom vanity make sure you do not make any hasty decisions. Just because the appearance is one-of-a-kind, it does not mean it would suit your bathroom style and conditions. Work with the dimensions you have when choosing the vanity. Additionally, do not forget the plumbing. The right vanity for your bathroom would reduce that bathroom clutter and leave your bathroom, not only looking organized, but spacious and elegant.

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