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Copper Bathroom Sinks and Interior Decoration with Health

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Copper bathroom sinks are new development in bathroom décor. Copper has been used for thousands of years but in bathroom it is a modern twist. Now the bathrooms are not built merely keeping in view the utility. In Victorian times they were even mentioned with a sort of embarrassment. In those days it was kept as clean as possible and as discrete as possible.

Today it is a part of the whole décor of the house, and an important and even romantic part of it. Washing and bathing should be a pleasurable experience. Candles, fragrances, lighting and beautiful surroundings all go towards creating an ambiance. No-one needs to be told how beautiful the warm glow of copper is and how it could add to the atmosphere of a modern bathroom.

What is so great about copper sinks is that copper has an inner ‘life’ of its own, which means that it changes as it ages. It starts off bright and shining, almost pink, then, with time, it mellows, gradually changing to brownish bronze, sometimes with iridescence about it. The coloring can be influenced by whether you decide to polish it with metal polish, or let it age and mellow.

Styles of Copper Sinks

This is where you let your imagination run riot! There are more copper bathroom sink ideas than you can even dream of. They are available in any number of shapes, either wall-mounted or countertop-mounted. Pedestal sinks consist of a bowl seated on a column. Both bowl and pedestal may be made of copper, or a copper bowl may be mounted on a wrought iron pedestal, bent or straight steel frame, or set into a granite or other stone base or pedestal. Bowl sinks can be fitted into a counter top just like a porcelain sink. The bowl need not just be round or oval, but in almost any free form shape you can think of as well as in square, rectangular, or multi-sided shapes.

As copper is a highly malleable metal, it lends itself to relief designs, molded designs, embossing, even plaited or twisted designs. Few metals can compare with copper in this regard. It can be stretched, shaped, and bent without cracking or breaking. Sunk into beautifully handcrafted antique or replica antique cabinets, copper bathroom sinks have an unsurpassed beauty, especially if the wood or marble or tiled top of the cabinet is carefully chosen to complement the color of the copper.

Copper can also be made to look hand-crafted by giving the finish a slightly dented look, if the metal craftsman hammer is carefully used while the bowl is being shaped. Copper bathroom sinks look good in any style of interior, but especially so in rustic, antique, colonial, or French or Tuscan country house settings.

More about Copper

Copper and brass are often coated with a clear lacquer. This is for decorative use to keep the metal shiny. It is, however not very resilient and, in something used as frequently as a copper bathroom sink, it will eventually wear off. It can be removed with a solution of baking soda in boiling water. The green verdigris, which is copper oxide, in no way corrodes the copper, unlike the rust on steel or iron. It can mellow into a brownish patina with constant contact with air and water. You may like the mellow look of old copper, but if you don’t, you can restore the shine to your sink. You can buy metal polishes suitable for your copper, but anything containing vinegar or lemon juice will work just as well. If you mix a paste of vinegar and salt you should find it very effective.

Best Reason to Go for a Copper Bathroom Sink

One of the best reasons for purchasing copper bathroom sinks is their natural inhibiting effect on bacterial growth. Copper, has antibacterial qualities, which even stainless steel does not. Harmful microorganisms cannot breed on the surface of copper. You won't need to clean your copper bathroom sink every day with harsh antiseptic or abrasive cleaning agents. In the UK one hospital has launched a pilot project to fight MRSA, the so-called super bug. The interest in this characteristic of copper is spreading fast. In this particular hospital all standard fittings that were normally of stainless steel, have been re-installed in copper. It is believed that the MRSA bug will not be able to multiply as it has been doing up to now. As you can see there are many reasons for you to consider purchasing a copper bathroom sink.

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