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Bathroom Window Curtains

Is your bathroom still missing bathroom window curtains even though you have added all other accessories?

If so then you are not only missing enjoyments of complete privacy but also beauty that window curtains can create in your bathroom. It becomes a key element to make your bathroom looking complete. But you should choose them wisely by following not only your taste but also overall scheme of your bathroom.

Why do you need a bathroom window curtains?

Our lives have drastically changed over the past years. Nowadays, we are looking for peace and quiet in contradiction to our hectic lives. Bathroom window curtains provide that much needed privacy. They are also an important part in decorating a bathroom. Curtains always maintain their appeal in any room. They often create an ambience in the room depending on the curtain chosen. Furthermore, curtains control lighting in the bathroom for our daily activities.

What is the ideal bathroom window curtain?

There are a variety of bathroom window curtains to choose from today. However, at the end of the day it all depends on your taste. When shopping around keep in mind that these curtains are for the bathroom. You should be thinking about how it would affect the privacy and lighting of the bathroom. If there is too much coverage then the amount of natural lighting would decrease. This is essential when carrying out activities such as make-up application. It is important to acknowledge that lighting and privacy are clashing necessities. Do not fret; there are curtains that provide a good balance. An example would be to combine a sheer and a valance. For more privacy you can let down the sheer and just tie them back when more lighting is required.

Another point to keep in mind is that choosing a specific colour or fabric can result in the curtain becoming either a focal point or blending in. If you prefer the curtains to blend in then choose light hues such as white or neutral hues such as gray or beige. Bright colours such as yellow would create a contrast.

Furthermore, the color of the bathroom window curtains should compliment your bathroom. For example, if you are decorating your child’s bathroom it would be ideal to choose bright and bold colours. This can change the atmosphere of the bathroom drastically. Complimentary colours can also be used to brighten up any bathroom, such as purple and yellow hues. Using analogous colours create a pleasant ambiance such as blue and purple hues.

An additional aspect you should consider is the appropriate fabric. Bathrooms tend to have high levels of humidity. This can lead to water discoloration and mould formation. You would not be too happy if your expensive brand new curtain is ruined by mould in a matter of months! Do not worry. There are plenty of high caliber curtains that withstand mould formation and water staining. It is best not to use thick curtains as they soak up moisture and develop moulds than thin curtains. Water-proof curtain material such as vinyl is very popular nowadays. Not only would you not have to bother drying them, they are also easy to clean. Waterproof spray is also available that can be used on any fabric.

Do not be afraid to experiment with different colours and curtain fabrics. Always ensure that you are thinking about privacy, lighting and decorative aspects. Do not be tempted to go for curtains that do not match your bathroom, or not allow privacy or not enhance lighting. This would only result in wasting your time and money. It is easier to change curtains rather than flooring and wall colour. If you follow these tips you should have no problem finding your perfect curtains.

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