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Bathroom Wall Mirrors for Light Effects

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The reflective quality of bathroom wall mirrors is a decorator’s dream come true. You can experiment with all sorts of ideas to create the ambiance you want in your bathroom. Here are a few suggestions that you might like to try out:

Dark Dreary Room with Few Windows

Lighting and bathroom mirrors work together to play with exciting light effects. If you have a dark, dreary room with few, or small windows, you can enhance the impact of the windows by adding bathroom wall mirrors. The best results come from placing them opposite the existing windows so that they reflect them. They immediately give the impression of airiness and brightness. It is like adding extra windows.

Even one small window can be reflected three or more times by clever placement of mirrors on the other three walls. You can also consider placing a mirror between two small windows. This can be the same size as the two windows, or it can be larger or smaller.

Similarly, you might like to ‘frame’ a tiny window with a row of mirror tiles all the way around, then place an outer frame of wood or tile edgings around that.

If you have no windows in the room, you can place the mirrors to reflect whatever light source there is, such as a skylight or glass bricks or even a wall light.

Another way of enhancing light in the bathroom and opening it up, is to slightly recess a bathroom wall mirrors, with concealed lighting above, below or on either or both sides. If you stand ferns or other attractive potplants on a glass shelf in front of the recess, so that the light shines through the leaves and fronds, and they are reflected in the mirror behind, you will give an admirable impression of a window onto the outdoors. Fresh flowers also look wonderful reflected in mirrors.

If you are into dark, gothic spaces, your bathroom wall mirrors need not add unwanted brightness. They can still be used to give a glowing depth of perspective if you let them reflect darker wall surfaces or soft lighting, especially candlelight. This type of décor looks good if the mirrors are framed in heavy, dark wood.

Height to Hang Wall Light above Bathroom Mirrors

You may hang wall light above bathroom mirrors at a height where you can see yourself clearly. There is no hard and fast rule. However, you should avoid direct glare. It is better to hang it slightly overhead.

Furthermore, you should see where the electrical service is installed. It may prove a strong factor to determine place of hanging a wall light above the mirrors. Yet a lot is to be determined by the type of light. There is incandescent, fluorescent, diffused, direct frosted, etc. So it boils down to personal preference.

You may find multiple bulb units or a fluorescent in your bathroom.

Most vanity type/ cosmetic type are mounted relatively close to the mirror. You may choose the lighting and have the electrician install it to your preference. You may remove it later if you are not satisfied

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