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You Can Enhance Your Bathroom Wall Art through Stencils, Wall Murals, Wallpapers and Patterened Borders

Bathroom wall art can transform a dull and boring bathroom into something completely the opposite. There are many ways to incorporate art into your walls.

Stencils, wall murals, wallpaper and patterned borders are ideal techniques.

Stencils can be more practical than wallpaper for a bathroom wall art. This is because the paint will not peel in the most humid of environments. Geometric patterns are an interesting wall art technique. However, patterns that integrate with the adjacent bedroom help establish a theme. Get creative and try words on your bathroom walls. Your favorite quotes can be inspiring, energizing and even relaxing. Ensure that you use the stencils in moderation so that each motif is valuable.

Wall murals are also an excellent technique as bathroom art for the walls.

You have the opportunity to go wild or be classy with a wall mural. Draw out your design on paper and then transfer it in pencil to your bathroom walls. Select your paint colours to complete your work. Hire a professional artist if you are unsure.

Wallpaper is another technique for bathroom art. If you long for the look of patterned or floral designs in your bathroom then wallpaper is ideal. Wallpaper can bring about a classic appeal. If you appreciate bold colours then wallpaper can be useful. However, due to the high humidity and moisture of the bathroom, wallpaper tends to peel off. Regardless of the greatly improved wallpaper adhesives, wallpaper is not particularly ideal for a bathroom. Instead use wall borders for that slight splash of colour to your bathroom walls. Patterned or floral borders come in a variety of colours and options. It is possible to use tiling as borders for your bathroom. To make the bathroom appear larger, keep the border at a higher level. Use complementary colours for this method. It is also possible to use artwork to spice up your bathroom.

07 Final Tips for Bathroom Wall Art

When it comes to choosing any type of bathroom art, keep these tips in mind:

• Select a theme if you require one. This might be anything from bold and intense to classy and antique. It is easier to choose artwork according to a theme. This is because the piece of art can highlight the theme.

• A colour scheme is necessary. Ensure you have established a colour scheme before you dive into bathroom art.

• Identify the areas you want to fill in your bathroom. Rearranging towel racks or simple fixture layouts might be required.

• Do not use oil paintings as bathroom art. The high humidity can do some major damage to this art. Printed wall arts ad wall sculptures are more ideal.

• Artwork should be well framed. Since the bathroom is damp and steamy, excess moisture can creep into the frame and ruin the artwork. Archival quality mats are useful when sealing. In addition, it is a good idea to seal the back. If your artworks are framed tight, water and steam cannot affect them.

• Direct sunlight is not good for artwork. This is because it can fade away colour dramatically.

• Non-porous materials are ideal. This is because porous materials, such as wood, could warp due to absorption of moisture. Seal any porous material with a coat of polyurethane.

You do not need to be creative to select bathroom art. If you are unsure it is best to hire a professional for a magnificent finish. Selecting art for your bathroom is almost art in itself. Remember to stick with your colour scheme. Do not buy artwork just because it is beautiful. It might not go well with your bathroom. Take your time when searching. Invest in bathroom art that emphasizes your theme and gives your bathroom more personality. Bathroom art should be something you enjoy seeing every day. Thus, do not be afraid to make the experience personal.

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