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Bathroom Ventilation Fans: Why are they Necessary?

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You may expect that every bathroom is equipped with bathroom ventilation fans, but that is not so. Many people donít have them installed. Most probably one of the reasons is that the job seems difficult and perhaps messy and disruptive.

You can pay to have fans installed. But if you are a handy person and plan it out carefully, the task need not be daunting at all if you decide to do it yourself. It requires quite a bit of effort, but you will find the results well worth it.

Bathrooms need ventilation as much, if not more than any other room in the house. Even with room spray fresheners, the odors can be unpleasant, and moisture accumulating in the room will cause mildew, mold and rust. Even dust mites thrive in a slightly damp environment.

If you store anything in cabinets or cupboards in your bathrooms you will definitely need bathroom ventilation fans to protect them. Your vanity mirrors or any other mirror will be fogged up after your bath or shower so as to be almost useless until the fog has dispersed. You will have to open the door or go to another room to dry your hair. Your nice shiny faucets and tiles will be moist and streaky from constant condensation. If extreme cases, such as when you have very small window you may find your painted ceiling blistering and peeling. Wallpaper will loosen and peel off and glued on hooks for face cloths will drop off.

Calculating Bathroom Ventilation Fanís Capacity

Your first job is to decide what kind and how many bathroom ventilation fans you need to buy. You will need to calculate the rating of fan or fans for your bathroom. Bathroom vent fans move air along a certain speeds, and the number of cubic feet of air per minute that it can move determines its rating. That is cubic feet per minute or CFM for short.

To work out what you need, measure your bathroom. Assuming that it is a standard 8í in height to the ceiling, multiply the length by the width to get the square footage. Then you multiply the square feet by 1.1 to get your CFM rating for bathroom ventilation fans suitable for your bathroom.

Another way to calculate the capacity of your fan is to work out the cubic feet of your bathroom. That is, the square footage multiplied by the height of the room. Divide the answer by the number of minutes in the hour, that is, 60 and then multiply the answer by 8 for the number of air changes in the hour, which is considered the ideal.If you are concerned about how noisy the fan may be, you can check the fanís sone rating. This is its sound rating. The lower the rating, the quieter it will be.

The general rule of thumb is to allow 50 CFM per fixture, such as 50 for the bathtub, 50 for the toilet and 50 for the shower. (This is for standard fixtures, not steam shower rooms or jetted bathtubs)Then, if your bathroom is very large, work out the square footage as well. What the CFM rating indicates is about 8 complete changes of air every hour.

For the bathroom vent fans to work at maximum efficiency, you should have a window slightly open or a grill set into the door, so the air pumped out can be constantly replaced with fresh air. When it comes to deciding where to position the bathroom ventilation fans, you can choose to have one large central unit, or you could have smaller ones. You could have one over the shower and another in between the bathtub and the toilet. If you have a separate or partially separated toilet you could choose to have a small one there and a larger one in the rest of the bathroom.

Something to bear in mind is that the way the ducting is installed in the roof space has a huge impact on both how noisy the fan is and how effectively it works. Any obstruction in the airflow from the bathroom ceiling until it is expelled outside the house can affect the optimum efficiency of bathroom ventilation fans up to 90%, as well as their quietness.

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