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Importance of Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

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The bathroom vanity mirrors are the main focus of the vanity sinks. No matter how beautiful your vanity is, the mirrors can make or break its appeal. Even an incomparable tinted glass vessel sink on a back lit frosted glass countertop that glows like alabaster, looks twice as good in front of a sweep of mirror gently radiating the suffused light.

The bathroom mirror as much as the rest of the vanity, needs to be carefully thought out and styled to match the décor and theme of your bathroom.

Apart from the look of the bathroom mirrors, they need practical value too. They should be large enough for you to see your reflection while you are washing, shaving, or applying makeup or other toiletries. Depending on who is going to use the vanity sink, and whether they will be sitting or standing, you need the size of the mirror to suit everyone. You don’t want to have any distortions, so it needs to be a good quality of mirror. Even if you choose old mirrors for a retro look, you need to be able to see yourself clear.

An aged, discolored mirror can be very beautiful, but is it practical?

Bear in mind that if it is discolored you may need to arrange for another place to shave, such as an antique shaving stand with a clear mirror, and another place to apply makeup and blow-dry your hair. This could be a second bathroom vanity without a sink, or even a bedroom vanity, if yours is an en suite bathroom.

An important consideration when installing bathroom vanity mirrors is to have adequate lighting. This may require a lot of ingenuity on your part to match the lighting with the style of bathroom and particularly with the vanity sink. Your lighting needs to fulfill two purposes, to enhance the bathroom as well as to enable you to use your vanity sink effectively and comfortably, and to see clearly. Concealed lighting in the frame of the mirror usually supplies a pleasant, diffused light that is strong enough to be practical, but doesn’t impinge on the atmosphere of the rest of the bathroom.

Some Ideas for Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

• An antique bathroom vanity mirror with a beveled edge and a heavy, decorative, wooden frame looks wonderful above a gleaming oiled wood Colonial, Victorian or Edwardian cabinet. Sometimes these mirrors are really old and have smoky or yellowed glass. This just adds to the ambiance of age and permanence, and is ideal if it reflects candles or a brass lamp. An antique brass bowl sink and faucets would complete the picture.

• If you go for a funky aquarium sink, with fish swimming around below the basin section, you might like to continue the theme with a large, round bathroom vanity mirror with a frame encrusted with sea shells, dried starfish and seaweed.

• A ‘Hollywood of the 50’s’ style of bathroom could include the opulent glamor of gold-look and crystal faucets and fittings, a sunken, round bath and a vanity with a mother of pearl finish in the clam-shaped sink. The bathroom vanity mirror would be wide, with adjustable side mirrors and a row of small lights all along the top. Large, fluffy powder puffs and chunky crystal bottles for perfumes and creams would go with this style.

• A bathroom vanity for a small girl in the ‘fairy’ stage would look lovely with a fabric and lace framed bathroom vanity mirror. This looks best in an oval shape with little wall mountings on either side to display porcelain dolls or fairies. Her small toiletries together with stuffed toys and little picture frames with her favorite pictures could stand on a shelf to one side of the cabinet while rolled soft towels and folded face cloths could go on the other side.

• A small boy might like something similar, but with boy’s toys and pictures and a bathroom vanity mirror framed in bright plastic, or perhaps a replica of snake or animal skin, or shaped and decorated to look like the monitor of a games console, or a space odyssey cockpit screen, depending on where his interests lie. You may even be successful in getting him to wash his face!

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