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Selecting the Appropriate Bathroom Vanity Lighting

From applying your make-up to cleaning your teeth you require the right bathroom vanity lighting. Lighting the bathroom vanities is essential as it has an impact upon how you view yourself. However, the least consideration is probably given to this part of bathroom lighting. This is because people might not consider it relevant to invest in this area. Normally, it is assumed that the main source of lighting is adequate for lighting the vanity area. Furthermore, some people just do not know the suitable bathroom light fixtures to purchase. It might end up with the bathroom lighting not been being adequate enough. To choose the right type of lighting, it is important to consider form and function. Not only do you require sufficient illumination, you also require its appearance according to your tastes.

So how do you choose the proper bathroom vanity lighting? It all depends on the types of vanity light fixtures that are appropriate for your bathroom. You should also think about where to place the bathroom light fixtures.

Choosing Your Vanity Lighting

Vanity lighting does not have to be boring. With today’s technology it is highly likely you would find a plethora of bathroom vanity lighting suitable for the vanity. Furthermore, if you know where to place the lighting it could be an added benefit for maximum illumination.

When deciding on the bathroom vanity light fixtures and placement, think about eliminating shadow. The bathroom vanity is an area that should not have any shadows. This is the reason as to why the bathroom vanity area requires precise light. Shadows would affect your daily grooming rituals. The best way to abolish any shadows is to use the right type of light fixture in the right place. Wall sconces, recessed lights, theatrical lighting and suspended lighting are some of the suitable bathroom vanity light fixtures. Frontal and side lighting reduces both contrast and shadows. Most people tend to place their lights overhead. This results in unsightly dark shadows under your eyes. In addition, the texture of your face would not be accentuated. This can result in an awful make-up or shaving job.

Placing wall sconces on either side of the mirror helps with minimizing any unwanted shadows. The center of the scone has to be placed at eye level in order to create uniform light. Furthermore, it helps in providing even lighting for both sides of your face. However, this can be a problem for extremely large bathroom vanities. Side-mounted scones would just not provide enough lighting. A chic alternative is to mount the scones directly onto the mirror. This option might be a tad costly, however, results in sparkling, uniform illumination for a classic appeal to your bathroom. Another method for large vanities is to combine this illumination with a row of bathroom vanity lights across the top of the mirror for a coordinated look. You do not need to mount the sconces on to your mirror in this case. However, ensure that these bathroom vanity light fixtures do not have much of a glare. Having too much of a glare could easily ruin the reflection provided on your. Covered vanity lights are ideal in this case. Recessed lighting can also be used as bathroom vanity lighting.

Many designers advice against the use of recessed lighting. This is due to many people placing the lights right above the mirror, thereby, creating shadows. However, if you are interested in recessed lighting this is also an option for bathroom vanity lighting. However, always place the set of recessed lights along the side. This would do the trick of eliminating any shadows. Since there are a vast variety of styles for recessed light fixtures, it is highly likely you would find lights that fit the corners of the vanity. Another option is to use theatrical light fixtures.

Theatrical lighting strips around your vanity mirror allow a glowing look. The results are quite similar to that of a celebrity make-up room. It is best to use this method when you have the advantage of ceiling fixture as well. This would get rid of any shadows. A ceiling fixture is essential for general lighting.

There is a plethora of ceiling fixtures ideal for the bathroom. Suspended light fixtures are ideal for high ceiling houses. Yet, it cannot be the main source of lighting for a bathroom vanity. However, you may use this type of lighting as an additional source. Together with lighting for the vanity it further enhances the volume of the room.

A Few Tips for Your Bathroom Vanity Lighting

• To achieve enough illumination, ensure your vanity light fixture is at least 150 watts and at least 24 inches long.

• Keep the light fixture mounted 75 to 80 inches above the floor for an even glow.

• Use low-voltage track lighting fixtures with suspended low-voltage fixture for creative vanity lighting. Add spotlights and glass diffusers to add an innovative appeal. A crisp, uniform frontal-illuminating effect results when these light fixtures are aimed towards the mirror.

• If you are planning to use recessed lighting use a dimmer switch. This would allow you to change the mood of your bathroom with the turn of a knob. Furthermore, focus the recessed light fixtures on the edge of the tub. This would reduce glare.

• Light fixtures that produce soft illumination makes the bathroom appear larger.

It is possible to find a plethora of light fixtures for your bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanity lighting does not have to be monotonous nowadays. Nowadays, there is an assortment of colours for bathroom vanity lighting. This allows a wider selection. Likewise, there is an excellent variety of ceiling fixtures as well.

Keep in mind that it all depends upon your taste and the style of your bathroom. Try to incorporate your originality when selecting and mounting the light fixtures. Ensure that you receive the best-quality light fixtures for your home. With so many beautiful bathroom fixtures to choose from, you will definitely find the one perfect for you and your home,

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