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Bathroom Vanity Base Cabinet as the Focal Point

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In the average family bathroom, styles may come and go, fashions may come and go, but the bathroom vanity base cabinet remains. Sheer usefulness ensures its survival. In many bathrooms, owing to the amazing new shower technology, even bathtubs are disappearing. Toilets remain and sinks remain. But unless the bathroom is huge and storage in some other part is not a problem, sooner or later the vanity reappears in one form or another.

You may see a bathroom vanity base cabinet in the style of an old washstand or antique dining room sideboard. Or you may see it with sleek modern lines in black, purple or burgundy painted wood or of metal or stone.

Sometimes it is a vessel sink on top of the vanity. But it is the focal point of the bathroom. You have probably worked out for yourself that the most used piece of furniture in any bathroom is the sink. Unless you are just using the sink for washing your hands, as in a powder room or cloak room, you need a myriad of ‘things’ handy for your use within reach of the sink.

You need to have close by the usual soaps, towels, face cloths, toothbrushes and other bathroom stuff. If you are like many of us today, the vanity often takes the place of a dressing table for a woman or an old fashioned shaving stand for a man. This, as you know, can mean makeup and toiletry clutter of unbelievable proportions.

Now add medicines, health supplements, first aid kit, as well as clean towels, extra supplies of soaps, toilet paper, toothpaste and other toiletries. If you have small children, you may have plastic bath toys, as well. Don’t forget you need cleaning supplies for the bathroom handy, too!

Do you think you need a bathroom vanity base cabinet?

Bathroom Vanity Base Cabinet for Storage

The modern fashion dictates that you hide away in closed cupboards or drawers only those things that are really unsightly or very private. Everything else should be visible and easily accessible. You may disagree with this idea if you have toddlers who would like nothing better than to unroll a 24-pack of toilet rolls or squeeze out all the toothpaste.

But you may not have that consideration, towels especially look lovely rolled up or neatly folded and stacked on open shelves. There is such a variety of containers that are really attractive on shelves to hold your odds and ends.


Baskets come in all sizes and styles. You may find that the chrome ones go beautifully with your chrome and glass theme. If you prefer rustic or farmhouse style, you can get woven baskets ranging from rough irregular shaped, hand plaited rushes, to neat tightly woven cane, rattan, willow or wicker. You can have them mounted on slides to open and close like drawers. You can also have them standing on open shelves inside the vanity or on the counter top if it is big enough.

If you want to give a cheerful, homely look to your bathroom vanity base cabinet you can get plastic baskets in every shape, size and design. They come in all colors as well as metallic or opalescent. You can even get them in clear or frosted colors. These are ideal for a young family.

Other containers can be as varied as your imagination. Pottery, porcelain, stone, glass, copper or stainless steel are just some of the materials. They can be matching flower pots, beer mugs, your collection of teapots, boxes, vases, antique cigar boxes. There is no limit to ideas.


For those things you prefer to have tidied away inside the vanity, drawers are ideal as they are always accessible. You you don’t need to bend down and rummage in cupboards. Drawers are easily lockable to keep little hands out.

If you go for drawers in your bathroom vanity base cabinet, you might like to consider drawer tidies. These are available in all types and with different divisions for different storage needs. They can be shallow trays that fit the whole drawer, or they may be a variety of ‘boxes’, deep or shallow, which fit together into the drawer.

They are sometimes made of wood, but usually of plastic, as these are so easy to take out and clean. One thing to consider may be the humidity in your bathroom. If you store all these interesting things in your bathroom vanity base cabinet you probably need to have an extractor fan or really good ventilation. You don’t want dampness to spoil some of your cupboard stored items.

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