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Procedure to Install Bathroom Vanities

Do you want to install your bathroom vanities yourself?

This may be to save money or simply because ‘doing it yourself’ is what you like to do. If you are a little apprehensive about tackling this task, rest assured that with care and following the right procedures, you are capable of doing a very good job indeed. You can sit back and look at your bathroom and feel really proud of your efforts.

Remove Old Stuff

To start with, shut off the water supply to the old sink and drain the pipes so that you have no mess. Now you can start dismantling and removing your old bathroom sink or vanity with its faucets and drain trap. Also remove anything you possibly can from the surrounds, such as mirrors, racks, shelves, etc. Put them aside safely to re-install later if you want to. Now you should be left with the pipe stub outs for hot and cold water and drainpipe. These will be protruding from the wall. Leave the stub outs as long as possible. You may have to repair or replace tiles or whatever other surfaces you have where the old vanity or sink stood, and possibly on the wall behind the old sink’s place.

Your new vanities’ counter tops should be removed for easier installation.

Move New Vanity

The next step is to move your new vanity into the place where you want it to stand. Using a spirit level, get it nice and level. Very carefully measure and mark exactly where your pipe stub outs touch the back of the vanity. Using a hole cutter, cut out the holes for the stub out pipes slightly bigger than the diameter of the pipes, to allow for a bit of play when you do your final leveling. Push your vanity back into its place, with the stub outs now protruding into the inside of the vanity cupboard. Now do your final leveling with shims if necessary. Fasten your bathroom vanity to the wall.

You need to cut a hole in the countertop for a drop in sink. You may have been given a template to mark this when you bought your sink, but if not, tape a piece of paper a little bigger than your drop in sink to your bathroom vanity’s countertop. Make sure it is straight and centered.

Now turn your sink basin upside down on the center of the paper and trace the outline of the outside of the basin. Then draw another line about ½ to 1 inch inside that, depending on the width of the rim. Drill a hole big enough for a saber saw just inside this second line, insert the saw and cut out your drop in basin shape on the inside line. Now you can remove the template and fasten down your vanity’s countertop and a back splash, if you have one.

Fix your Faucets and Drain

When you install bathroom vanities, it is so much easier to fix your faucets and the drain fixture to the sink before you mount the sink into the countertop.

Once this has been done, seal the inside of the hole with waterproof adhesive or silicone caulk and then apply a nice thick layer of caulk on the underside of the rim of the sink basin. Turn it over and press it down into its place in the hole. With a damp finger spread the silicone that has squeezed out above the hole so that it is neat and smooth, adding more if necessary to seal the drop in basin edge from any water that might splash out. If you can reach it, smooth out any silicone that has squeezed out underneath the countertop.

It is a good idea when installing vanities to apply a strip of silicone along the back of the vanity’s countertop where it meets the wall tiles or on top of the back splash against the wall to prevent splashed water dripping down the back. Now, all that is left is to connect up the faucets and drain with the stub outs in the wall. Reconnect the water and make sure there are no leaks. You can step back and be proud that you now know how to install vanities!

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