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Decorations for Bathroom Tile Designs

Bathroom tile designs are available in almost mind boggling variety in every color, texture, pattern, shape or size imaginable. However, there are some decorative highlights you can add to your bathroom tile designs to make your bathroom look even better. Here are a few for you to consider:


A rosone is a central floor panel in a pattern, picture or design. The size depends on the size of your bathroom. You can buy these ready made, usually on a backing mat. Some tile stores will make them up for you to your own specifications. You can cut up tiles and use mosaics yourself to create your own rosone if you are both artistic and very handy with tools.


A listello is a border made up of narrow wall tiles to enhance the rest of the bathroom tiles. The listello tiles are often placed along the walls at chair rail height (there is no hard and fast rule) with one type of tile below and a complementary kind of tile above. Sometimes the same tiles are laid squarely below the listello and diagonally, (in diamond shapes) above for contrast. Listellos are not limited to this. They are very adaptable in bathroom tile designs. You can use them to frame a mirror, place them along the top of the wall against the ceiling as a cornice, or create lines to emphasize any part of your bathroom.


A panel can be a large tile or tiles using the same pattern or theme of the listello and is used in conjunction with the listello. A panel can also be a group of tiles which, when placed together, form a picture or a complete, separate design.

Spotter tiles

These are often mini works of art, much like a painting on a wall in any other room. They are tiles that can be flat or embossed or have relief carvings or moldings. Classical Greek heads are popular as are animals, stylized flowers, fleur-de-lis, etc. These usually serve as focal points, so you don’t need too many.


These are accent tiles set in lines in floors. They are usually two or more tile widths away from the walls, forming a rectangle around the rest of the tiles in the center. Quite often the tiles outside and inside the border are the same, but laid in different patterns. For instance, laid square on the outside and diagonally or diamond design on the inside. Once again, no hard and fast rule applies to borders. They can be used to form patterns or zigzags, or outline bathroom fixtures, or innumerable other ideas. You just need to have lots and lots of floor space to do these things, or else you could get a cluttered look.

Ideas for bathroom tile designs

If your bathroom is very small, your best option for bathroom tile designs is to go for plain straight lines, both on the floor and the walls.

If you choose light colors you will give the room a more spacious, airy look, and if you choose cool colors, such as white or pale blue the spaciousness will be further enhanced.

You will have a less cluttered look if your wall and floor bathroom tile designs are plain colors, or have very small, muted patterns.

Victorian bathroom tile designs

Victorian tile designs were traditionally black and white checker board patterned floor, and white wall tiles, with a lacy looking listello at chair rail height, and paint or dainty wall paper above.

Victorian bathrooms were large, with small windows and high ceilings. A rosone in the center of the floor would not really be authentic. The Victorians loved clutter, but in the form of wrought iron towel rails, clothes racks, little tables, shaving stands, etc.

Contemporary Tile designs

Very contemporary bathrooms tend to be minimalist, so, when it comes to bathroom tile designs, no tile patterns! But make no mistake. You can create a breathtaking décor with deep, rich color, luminous looking glass tiles and magical tricks with lighting. Try well concealed lighting at floor level, with light catching translucent deep blue porcelain or glass tiles, and you could feel that you are walking on water when you go into your bathroom at night.

Other Tile designs

Almost every other kind of bathroom you choose would benefit from interesting decorations in your bathroom tile designs. Even a Zen bathroom, which tends to be simple and serene, would look lovely with, say, a Japanese Kanji symbol, a simple lotus, or a yin-and-yang rosone in the middle of the floor.

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