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Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

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Installing tiles onto your bathroom floor could be rather difficult. There are many issues with bathroom tiles. You have to decide on colours and patterns that suit your bathroom style. Further yet, you need to decide how much tile you are going to use. Tiling is a tad expensive, so mistakes are not tolerated. In order to get the best bathroom tile design, you need to know the types of tiles available.

But keep in mind…

Bathroom tile Design Ideas Deciding on floors is a dangerous decision. Remember that the floor surface should be water and stain resistant. Furthermore, it should not be slippery. With the high moisture levels of a bathroom, the floor can become slippery easily. However, it is important to realize that tiles are not specifically for the floor.

You could use tiles for the floors, counters, shower and tub enclosures, and backsplashes. Tiles come about in thousands of sizes, colours, materials, patterns and textures. It is important that you know the types of tile designs before you venture out to invest in tiles.

Types and Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

There are several types of bathroom tile designs. Choosing the specific type of tile design depends upon your bathroom style and your taste. Here are a few details on bathroom tile design ideas:

Decorative Tile Designs

If you have a contemporary style bathroom then decorative tile designs are suitable for your bathroom. Floral designs are also available with this type of type. Use a colour from the tile for your accessories, fixtures and materials. This allows you to coordinate the colour scheme of your bathroom.

Glazed Ceramic Tile Designs

The advantages with glazed ceramic tile are that they resemble natural stone. This material is baked onto the surface. Therefore, this type of tiling is hard and durable. This type of tiling is also easy to maintain. You can definitely find a wide variety of colour to go with your bathroom décor. However, the only disadvantage is that the surface tends to be quite slippery. Eliminate this problem with a slip-resistant finish. This would ensure that the surface is not slippery when wet.

Mosaic Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Mosaic tiles comprise of rectangular mosaic tile sheets with small tiles held together by a mesh backing. This is similar to the technique used back in the day. Since this method achieves similar results, it is useful for traditional bathrooms. Mosaic tiling exhibits a lot of patterns, which are useful to accent any bathroom. Furthermore, since it has so many grout lines, the floor is slip-resistant.

Natural Stone Tile Designs

If you want to opt for natural theme in your bathroom, then natural stone tiling is the best. This type of tiling is manufactured from various materials that are natural, such as granite and limestone. The end result is unforgivably beautiful. However, natural stone tiling is not stain-resistant. It is also rather difficult to clean and maintain. Be aware of limestone and slate as they are porous. It is possible to treat and seal them after installing. This prevents any unwanted staining or absorption of moisture.

Porcelain Tile Designs

Porcelain is suitable for bathroom tile designs as they have a high resistance to staining. Thus, it is suitable for the bathroom. Porcelain tends to go well if you have a traditional style bathroom. However, it would suit a black and white contemporary bathroom as well. Keep in mind that porcelain is composed of a white clay base. This makes it easier for a wide variety of colours to be added. Moreover, different surface textures can be used. This allows it to resemble other materials.

Quarry Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Quarry is made from red clay. This makes colour and pattern options pretty limited for quarry tiling. It is not a stain-resistant type of tiling. This is because they are not glazed. However, they do provide a non-slip floor because they are not glazed. It is possible to seal it to avoid staining.

There are plenty more bathroom tile design ideas. Keep in mind that tiles do not need to be used only for flooring. Think about the way you can incorporate tiles into your bathroom style. Sometimes it is best to choose the tiles first before deciding on fixtures or accessories. However, research into some tile designs before you purchase the tiles. Just because a tile is beautiful, it does not mean it would suit your bathroom. The proper bathroom tile design would result in an attractive and functional addition for your bathroom.

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