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How to Plan Bathroom Storage Furniture?

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The bathroom is one of the most flexible rooms in the home. It can be dedicated to bathroom use and nothing else, or it can be used for many other purposes, depending on its size.

You can store your gym equipment there and workout in the mornings before taking your shower. It can be where you sit before your mirror and make up your face and blow dry your hair. You can keep a fish tank there or a terrarium or a fernery.

What most people use the extra space in their bathrooms for is bathroom storage furniture. A surprising amount of storage can be organized in quite a small bathroom. Before you decide to do this, you need to be sure that there is plenty of ventilation, or have extractor fans installed.

As you know, dampness in bathroom storage furniture means mildew, mold and lots of damage. Once you have sorted out, you can start to plan your storage.

Presumably your main furniture and fixtures, such as bathtub, sinks, toilet and shower are already in place. If not, you need to decide where to position them. If you have not yet installed your fixtures, plan your bathroom on paper first. Then you can move the fixtures a few inches this way or that way to suit your storage plans. Now you can consider the space you have left over. Below are two ideas for bathroom storage in a fairly large bathroom.

Bathroom Storage for Gym Apparatus

Perhaps you are into health and fitness and you need somewhere to workout and store your gym apparatus. It spoils the look of your bedroom, and there is simply nowhere else in the house to keep it.

If you have an enormous bathroom you can dedicate an area to your gym activities. If not, you need to have at least enough floor space to workout on one piece of gym equipment at a time.

Luckily most home gym equipment today is made collapsible or foldable for easy storage. Your bathroom storage furniture for your gym equipment will probably need to be custom built to the proportions of each item you wish to store. Try to have all the equipment stored together in one big cabinet with compartments for each piece. If you do this, you will achieve a less cluttered look in your bathroom than if you have separate cabinets.

This sort of bathroom storage furniture will be very expensive to have made. However, if you are handy and can do woodwork yourself, this could be quite a big and challenging project, but a very rewarding one.

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