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Choosing and Installing a Bathroom Sink Undercounter Mounted

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The main reason for mounting your bathroom sink undercounter is to create a certain look. This method is often used for counter tops of granite, other stone, marble, ceramics, tile, glass, and acrylic or resin composite materials. Here the deep recess of a bathroom sink undercounter really looks good.

If you are purchasing the sink and a stone counter-top separately, you will have to take them to a specialist stone-mason who will have the tools and the know-how to cut your counter top opening. The opening should be exactly the same shape as the basin rim. The edge of the opening needs to be smoothed off, whether it is rounded or beveled or left square cut. If you choose a porous counter top material such wood or certain types of stone such as limestone or soapstone to mount your bathroom sink undercounter, you will need to make sure that the counter top is really well sealed and water proofed, especially around the cut out rim. Ask the supplier of the counter top for the best way of doing this and which products to use.

There is a difference of opinion about whether the sink should be the same size as the counter top opening or whether it should be larger. There are advantages to both. If the opening matches the sink in size, the counter top and the sink will be easy to clean, but the edge of the basin with its silicone seal will be visible. If the sink is bigger than the opening, it will look very nice, but there will be a rather awkward little rim below the counter top that will collect dried soap and dirt and will need regular cleaning.

Installing a Bathroom sink Undercounter Mounted

Bathroom sink undercounter is usually installed using mounting clips and/or the rims are bonded to the underside of the counter with a really strong silicone adhesive. Remember though, if you do use an adhesive, you may not easily be able to separate the counter top from the sink at a later stage without damaging either or both. A silicon bead is drawn around the rim and then the basin is lifted and pressed up against the under side of the counter top. This has to be held in place while the silicone dries. A good way of holding it in place is to place a bar with a central hole in it across the opening of the sink. This should be lightly padded with a cloth to prevent scratching the counter top. A threaded rod with a washer and a nut at the bottom end can be pushed up through the drain hole of the sink and through the bar across the top of the counter top, and fastened with another nut.

The washer, or even a flat disc, should be a little bigger in diameter than the hole for the opening for the drain in the bottom of the sink,and also padded so as not to damage the sink. Now you can tighten the top nut enough to hold the basin firmly without doing any damage. Leave it there until the silicone adhesive is completely dry.

If you decide to use mounting clips for your bathroom sink - under-counter you need to turn your counter upside down. Position the sink, also upside down and draw around the outside of the rim. Remove the sink and check that the sink line and the counter top cutout are dead even and in line all the way round. Now mark very accurately another line about ¾ inch outside the sink edge line. On this line you should bore the holes according to the clip manufacturer’s specifications, partially into the counter top, for the fasteners. The clips are fastened into the holes, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These measurements as well as the hole diameters should be adapted to whatever clips you buy.

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