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Bathroom Sink Repair; an Option or Necessity?

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Do you want bathroom sink repair?

If you have an ordinary vitreous china bathroom sink, or one of the modern sinks, there may not be any really good reason for repairing it. They are not usually very inexpensive to replace. However, it you already have or are thinking of acquiring an antique or vintage sink, this is a whole different story. A vintage bathroom sink repair is a worthwhile project. Just like buying any other antique, you are bringing a piece of history into your home. You may be lucky enough to find a rare bathroom sink in pristine condition or one that has been beautifully restored. However, as you can imagine, these will be scarce and very pricey. You may even choose to do your own restoring so that you can alter colors and more importantly, add some stunning antique faucets or other fittings, to really make it beautiful.

Porcelain Bathroom Sink Repair

If the porcelain is actually cracked, you’ll have to consult the professionals to find out whether it can be fixed. If you do find one, the chances are that it will be networked with fine hairline cracks, like a lot of old porcelain. In fact, if you are fortunate enough to find a genuine solid porcelain antique pedestal sink, you will be well advised to get an expert to restore it, as these are very scarce and very valuable. They have not been produced in the US since World War I.

Porcelain enamel coated cast iron Bathroom Sink Repair

This type of sink, after a great many years usually starts showing black scratches, patches or chips where the cast iron is starting to show through. These places can start rusting and even end up in holes in the sink. However this kind of sink is not difficult to repair, and can look as good as new again.

If the damaged piece is really tiny you may like to try applying porcelain touch up paint to the spot. You have to remember, though that this will not be permanent and you will have to reapply the paint at regular intervals of several months’.

The only way to properly and permanently restore these sinks is to completely reapply the porcelain. Kits for this, with instructions, are available. If you want the job to look really professional the porcelain solution needs to be sprayed on either by an experienced spray painter, or, if you have good skills in that direction, by you. Applying it by hand will usually give a very unprofessional look.

Tips for Your Bathroom Sink Repair

• Remove faucets and any other plumbing fixtures that you can, and mask any you can’t.

• Using resin and following the kit instructions fill in any irregularities, such as chips, scratches and dents. Holes and cracks may need fiberglass mesh with the resin to patch them. Leave the resin until completely dried and cured.

• Sand the sink surface with fine grit sandpaper until it is nice and smooth. Clean up the surface, removing any dust and particles.

• Now you can carefully mask areas around the sink that that need to be protected from the overspray, using newspaper or brown paper and masking tape.

• Make sure there is adequate ventilation and you wear a protective mask. Don’t forget to wear your oldest clothes.

• Depending on what bathroom sink repair kit you buy, there may be an acid reducer to etch the surface or your sink, or some other kind of chemical cleaner to prepare the surface. This is to ensure that the new coating adheres properly. When using chemicals or any other products, follow the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully.

Apply the first coat of porcelain paint with steady, even strokes of the spray gun. Leave the sink to dry completely and then apply a second coat. After this has dried, apply a third and final coat. When this is really dry, you can buff it up to a good shine.

Now that you have finished your bathroom sink repair, remember never to use abrasive cleaners on your refinished bathroom sink. You will have to treat it with great care to keep it looking like new.

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