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Bathroom Sink Fixture; Revolutionizing Tips

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What is a Bathroom Sink Fixture?

To be very accurate, a bathroom fixture is considered to be the furniture in a bathroom such as sink, bathtub, shower and toilet as well as any built in cupboards. But more generally speaking a bathroom sink fixture includes the bathroom sink itself and anything else that is permanently fastened to it or to the wall or area surrounding the bathroom sink.

Very few people want to make the toilet the main feature of the bathroom (although it can be done). A shower can draw the attention with special lighting, perhaps combined with colored glass, but this is not common. Usually the bathtub and/or the sink are what attract the eyes. Even if you have the plainest white bathroom sink, you can transform it into the focal point of your bathroom by what you do to it. And it isn’t going to cost anything like replacing it with a really expensive modern sink of say, marble or copper, or a genuine antique one.

Here are a Few Ideas about how to enhance your bathroom sink fixture

A Pedestal-type Bathroom Sink

Even a plain, white pedestal bathroom sink fixture can be surrounded with all sorts of accessories that turn it into an interesting piece. Here are a few ideas.

• Surround the sink with glass blocks, if possible with soft lighting behind it, or if it is on an outside wall, open to the sunlight, and an outside light at night.

• You can use glass racks, shelves, soap dishes, tooth mug holders, etc, with really attractive brackets.

• You may surround tiles of special colors or patterns that complements the rest of the bathroom but sets the bathroom sink fixture apart.

• An attractive medicine cabinet that incorporates decorative features and lighting is useful and looks good.

• The same goes for a lovely mirror, whether plain or framed. Remember again, lighting creates atmosphere.

• Faucets, and other plumbing can add a lot to the look of the bathroom sink fixture, chosen to match the style of bathroom you want

A Wall Mounted-type Bathroom Sink

This is usually very plain, which can really emphasize a minimalist look, if that is what you are trying to achieve. Otherwise you will have to use similar strategies to those used for a pedestal sink.

You can also make wonderful statements with extras like towel rails and rings, hooks pottery wall plaques, recesses with pot plants or mirrors, murals, ornaments, pictures, statues and other artwork or candle holders. Your plumbing and drain fittings can either be hidden away behind porcelain covers or wooden boxed in sections, or you can install ones in chrome or brass, that also look good.

Sink Fixture Mounted on a Vanity, Console or Cabinet

If this is no longer looking good, it may be because the vanity has become shabby or it may be too old fashioned for you, or even too modern. If it is still structurally sound or and if you can repair it, here are a few things you can do to your bathroom sink to make it look better.

• You can restore it to what it looked like originally. This may mean some repairs or refinishing.

• You can change it by painting it, dark colors for contemporary and subtle colors for vintage, or bold colors for children and young-at-heart.

• Replacing doors and handles can change the look of a vanity, or cabinet completely.

• For consoles that are made of chrome or other metals, re-chroming or re-plating is possible, but expensive. It is usually better to try and replace parts that are worn or damaged first.

Whatever your style is, your bathroom sink fixture can be the focal point of your bathroom. It is, after all, the fixture you probably will use the most.

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