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Bathroom Showers that can help you to Have luxury and fun with steam, messaging, or styles in making or lighting and colors. Why not make your Bath an excellent experience…!

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How can you make your bathroom showers different?

If you want a spa-like shower experience, install a really wide rain-shower head, and you can enjoy the most invigorating experience of a forceful shower of rain. Try and get a self-pressurizing head with several different settings. Many shower heads are gravity fed, which means that if someone else in the household opens a faucet and taps out water, your shower could slow down to a trickle or worse still, you could find yourself dancing under either a burning or an icy jet of rain!

Steam Showers

Your bath shower can be as good as a sauna room when you have a steam showers installed. You can take a steam bath to open your pores before your normal shower.

This is very invigorating if it is cold! You can have massage jets and foot massage jets. Real steam is not really used, as real steam is scalding hot.

Water is heated to a safe level and vaporized. You can even add perfumed aromatherapy oils to special receptacles to mingle with the vapor for a really memorable experience.

A steam bath shower is a wonderful luxury, but it may prove pricey to install and need quite high maintenance to keep it working at its best.

Massaging or Vibrating Showers

Vibrating and massaging shower heads for your bathroom shower are another interesting option. You can adjust the massage sprayer to a soft mist spray, or a hard spray, or a combination of both. Vibrating shower heads can swivel or rotate to spray sore shoulders, backs, or even feet.

Handheld Showers

Handheld showers are extremely versatile. One is ideal for elderly or disabled people who prefer to sit on a shower chair when they wash themselves. It is useful if you want to sit down in your bathroom shower and scrub your really dirty feet. It is useful both for those who don’t want to get their hair wet, or who want to just rinse their hair without showering.

Most handheld showers also give you the option of hanging it on a hook and using it as an ordinary shower, or sliding it down a rail for easier use by a short person or a child.

Doors or Door-less?

Door-less Showers

The door-less bath showers are designed to prevent the water jetting out into the rest of the bathroom, and they have a step down so the water can drain away properly.

The first thing you should consider is how much space is available. Ideally you should have a walk in tray. This allows enough room for you to dry yourself without splashing water on the bathroom floor. For odd-shaped or very small bathrooms an option is a smaller, angled door less shower that takes up very little room. This does not normally have a walk in tray.

Shower Doors

For a really modern, seamless look, try a glass surrounded shower with a plain glass door. These can range from quite big to a tiny corner unit with a curved front.

Lighting for Bathroom Showers

From a safety point of view, you need adequate lighting in the shower. From an aesthetic point of view your lighting is one of the most important deciders of the kind of atmosphere in your bathroom. If you like a dim, romantic kind of atmosphere, still flood your shower with light. It is safer and more practical, and a glow of light through the glass doors of a shower will enhance the look of any bathroom, even a softly lit one. Ensure that all the safety standards are met, as the steam in the shower can cause shorts if the light fittings are not of the right type.

Some of these ideas may help you not to just take a shower, but to have a showering experience.

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