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Bathroom Shower Units and their Types

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Bathroom shower units are growing in popularity all the time. In some homes they have completely replaced the bathtub. Some of the reasons given for this are that showers are more economical with water, and in today rushed lifestyle, it takes less time to shower than to soak in a bathtub.

In the past, the attitude towards bathroom shower was ‘a shower is a shower is a shower’. That is, a big, cumbersome, space wasting, built in alcove with a door, or more often a curtain, and a very simple showerhead, allowing sudden fluctuations in temperature that made it painful to use. This was as much as anyone thought they needed.

Well, things have changed. To suit a whole lot of emerging needs for all kinds of people, a growing industry of bathroom showers is bursting with ideas. Now, taking a shower, however limited in time we are, has to be an experience.

Types of Shower Units

Here are some different types of popular bathroom showers available today:

Walk in bathroom shower units

These have a sleek, contemporary look and need no shower doors at all. Usually a system of carefully placed glass screens (one or two) prevents the water splashing out on to the bathroom floor. They usually include an extension to the shower tray that is very useful for drying off before stepping out into the bathroom.

Tiny Shower Units

Tiny bathroom shower units that take up hardly any space at all, but because of their clever design, are quite spacious inside. These are installed in corners and have a curved tray and a matching curved door. This door slides open over a curved panel. Because the front of the door is frameless and overlaps the panel, when it is closed, it has a very seamless, modern look.

Hexagonal Shower Units

Hexagonal shaped glass bathroom shower units, amongst other shapes, are also used. Some of these can even be installed in the center of the bathroom, giving a look like something out of a science fiction movie.

Steam Shower Units

Steam bathroom showers are the latest thing in luxury shower experience. They are beyond contemporary. In fact they look a bit like a space module.

This wonderful invention is a home spa and it is guaranteed to de tress and invigorate you. The ‘steam’ is actually heated water sprayed in a fine mist that opens your pores and clears your sinuses and lungs the way steam would. To really enhance your showering experience, try adding aroma therapy oils in a special distribution unit. These will pervade the steam and fill your senses while you shower.

In addition some steam bathroom showers have water sprayers that can be regulated from a gentle shower of rain to a strong jet of water that will actually massage you. Some even have foot massaging jets of water low down in the unit.

Doors and fittings for your bathroom showers give you as much choice and variety as do the bathroom shower units themselves.

The shapes of your fittings you will probably choose to fit in with the style and theme of your bathroom. There are a huge variety of retro and contemporary fittings for bathroom shower units available. They come in a whole range of metals, and combination of metals, as well as in such finishes as: polished, satin, matte, brushed, oil rubbed, blackened or aged. There are even some that include other materials, such as glass, porcelain and enameled metal.

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