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Bathroom Shower Tile Repairing and Cleaning Tips

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You may prefer to paint a bathroom shower tile, instead of replacing, during renovation. If you have painted tiles in your bathroom shower, you may find after a long time of constant water exposure that the paint is starting to peel off. If so, you have basically four options.

• You can try removing the peeling paint. This could be a very time consuming job and you will have to work on small areas at a time. By the time you are finished you may be left with lots of scratches. You may also find hideous or damaged bathroom shower tile, which is why they were painted in the first place!

• You can repaint. First remove all loose paint and sand them down to give the new paint purchase. Use a special bathroom tile paint available from most hardware stores, tile or paint specialists.

• Professionals, who resurface bathtubs, may be able to refinish your shower tile for you.

• Remove and re-tile. If you are reluctant to retile your whole bathroom, you can choose a deeper shade of the same color as the rest of your bathroom for your bathroom tile. You could choose a plain tile to complement the patterned tiles, or vice versa. The fact that your shower cubicle is to a certain extent separated from the rest of the room makes it easier to blend and match.

You can use many ideas to improve the look of your bathroom shower tile. If you do paint them, why not consider applying stenciled designs or motifs in lines along a row of tiles or even frame a panel around your faucets or showerhead? You can even carefully remove four or six or more tiles and replace them with a lovely tile picture. Hundreds of different kinds are available at the tile suppliers. You could use tile borders to define areas in the shower or just finish off the edges of the tiles. At regular intervals you could remove a tile and replace it with a blending, patterned or contrasting tile for accent.

A good way to refurbish your shower tile is to apply caulk remover to soften old caulking so that you can remove it and replace it with new caulking. At the same time you can clean and re-seal your grout between the tiles. This will give a new, fresh appearance to your shower tile.

Bathroom Shower Tile Cleaning

A very useful appliance for removing dirt and soap scum from tiles is a hand held steam cleaner. Failing that, turn on the hot water and steam up your shower cubicle before you start cleaning your bathroom shower tile.Here are a number of remedies for removing dirt, stains and soap scum from your bathroom shower tile:

• A mixture of chlorine and water. This is a solution for mildew, which is a living organism. Chlorine or a chlorine bleach product should kill it.

• A mixture of ammonia and water. This also kills mildew and leaves your tiles shining. Don’t use this unless your grouting has been sealed, as unprotected grout has been known to turn yellow if ammonia is used. If your bathroom shower tile hasn’t been grouted with an epoxy grout, it may be a good idea to seal your grouting every six months or so with a special acrylic or silicone sealer for grout. You could also use a few coats of lemon oil allowing it to dry between coats.

• Vinegar or some other mild acid. This is to remove those crusty white deposits left by hard water. This usually builds up over time and is made up of minerals found in water.

• Elbow grease! Normal bathroom detergents and commercial tile cleaners can be used for cleaning that streaky soap scum off your bathroom shower tile. Laundry soap is also quite effective. If you want to take the elbow grease out of the equation, there are products to wipe or spray onto tiles and glass doors to repel shampoo and soap scum in between showers. Then all you need to do is to wash the walls and glass doors from time to time with clean water to keep them looking good.

• A less common stain is rust, which can be removed with kerosene (paraffin). Lighter fluid can remove some stubborn stains from porcelain or glass tiles.

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