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Bathroom Shower Doors, their Structure and Types

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During last two decades the bathroom shower doors have completely replaced the shower curtains. Though the use of shower curtain is returning owing to either temporary residences or financial constraints, or in order to create a special effect but shower doors are still holding better place in the bathroom décor industry.

Structure of Bathroom Shower Doors

Bathroom shower doors are generally made of glass. Common thicknesses for the glass used are 3/16” or 3/8” or ¼”. You should always select toughened safety glass. Doors are made to fit into standard shower cubicles, or glass sided shower enclosures.

You can buy most bathroom shower doors either framed or unframed to suit the décor of your bathroom. Semi frame less types, which have frames above and below the doors, are suitable for sliding doors, the fronts still giving the seamless effect of frame less glass doors.

Many shower manufacturers supply glass side panels in different sizes, customized to suit you, as the buyer. These panels can be set in rectangular or even many sided shapes as well.

Types of Shower Doors

There are many different types of shower door on the market. Here are some examples to help you make your decision:

Hinged Shower Doors

These bathroom shower doors come with hinges that open to different degrees, such as 90 degrees, 135 degrees, or 180 degrees. They frequently have magnetic catches, to keep the door closed while showering. They generally open outwards and are available with opening on the right or on the left.

Bifold or infold bathroom shower doors have an extra hinge in the center. This is very useful when lack of space outside the shower prevents the door opening outward into the bathroom. Both left and right opening doors are available.

Pivoting Shower Doors

These are extremely versatile bathroom shower doors. They are available as left pivot doors, right pivot doors or center pivot doors. They can be bought as inward opening doors or outward opening doors. They are also available in extra large sizes, suitable for large persons, pregnant women, or disabled persons who need assistance into the shower. Center pivot doors are available that can be opened from both sides.

Sliding Shower Doors

You can purchase these doors as single slider doors, which are used for side access to the shower, or as double slider doors, which generally give center access to the shower cubicle. You can also still get the ever popular triple slider doors. These can give either left side access or right side access, according to your choice. Sliding doors can be used with one side panel, forming a corner unit, or with two panels, forming a three sided shower cubicle. It can also be made to slide into a recess, like a pocket door, or it can close off a recess to be used as a shower room.

Round Shower Doors

These have an extremely sleek appearance and probably use the least space possible in a bathroom. This kind of shower fits into a corner and uses hardly any space. The door is curved, as is the portion of glass that it slides over, so there is no protruding into the bathroom space at all. Both center entry and side entry are available. The door slides in smooth round frames at the top and bottom of the shower, but the front of the curved door is clear and frameless and, when closed, overlaps the curved glass of the shower enclosure almost invisibly, giving it a seamless, smooth look.

Bath Screens

Bath screens are available in all sizes and can be installed to close off just a part of the bathtub (at the showerhead area) or with sliding doors to close off the whole bathtub. You can usually get doors that can be opened from either side.

Shower Doors for Sealed Enclosures

You can get bathroom shower doors that seal with gaskets, for steam rooms. These can be installed to seal off an alcove. If you have a ceramic tiled alcove you can turn this into a delightful steam room that is a huge asset to a bathroom. A steam room is different to a sauna, which is usually made of wood and has a dry heat source to which water is applied to make steam. Nor is it a steam shower, where the ‘steam’ is actually heated water sprayed out in a very fine mist. The steam room uses a special steam generator.

The variety of different types of shower doors is as wide as any of the other fixtures that go with showers. There is something to suit every taste and style.

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