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Variety of Bathroom Shower Designs in Showerheads

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When you approach bathroom shower designs you will have a lot of choices to make. There is variety in shower cubicle designs, as well as in showerhead designs. Here are some ideas of what is available and what experience showerheads can give you.

There are many different types of showerheads available for your bathroom shower designs.

Hand Showers

Hand showers come with many different types of head, including massaging heads and brightly colored ones for children.

Some heads are wide, some are smaller and adjustable. You can direct the water onto any part of your body. These are accompanied by wall bars in various styles and they give you the option of mounting the hand shower in a holder at any height along the bar if you don’t feel like holding it in your hand.

Hand showers are ideal for anyone who prefers to sit on a specially designed seat in the shower cubicle. This type of bathroom shower designs would suit you if you want to sit and give your feet a good treatment, if you want to wash yourself without getting your hair wet, or if you are elderly or disabled.

Sprays for Massaging

There are body sprays and jet sprays for massaging and spraying the body. Some have very short adjustable arms, and some are flush mounted against the shower wall. This sort of experience is just what you need to soothe sore muscles after working out, or tired backs after a stressful day at the office. You can even have jets directed to massage weary feet. These are a cheaper, but nevertheless very effective option than a steam spa shower for your bathroom shower designs.

Rain Shower Heads

There are many different overhead showers, some with wide heads designed to give you a ‘rain shower’ experience. Often these can be adjusted from a gentle rain shower to a veritable rain storm! Others are smaller and often also have various adjustments in water flow to suit you. There are also flush mounted ceiling plates, with holes and different spray modes in several combinations. These may suit a minimalist look if that is your bathroom shower design.

Wall mounted showerheads usually have arms and adjustable spray angles. Some have volume control as well. These are popular as you can preset the angle before you step into the shower cubicle; a useful option in your bathroom shower design if several members of the household use the same bathroom.

Retiling Your Bathroom Shower

The best advice is to contact your hardware/home improvement store. However, if you want to do it yourself then this is the job you want to do right, because if the water gets into your house structure you may suffer a damage of thousands of dollars and it can cause lots of troubles if you get toxic mold colonies from the moisture.

While working on your shower of any design, please ensure that you apply a waterproofing membrane. On average, 11 feet of water hits a shower every year. So a waterproofing membrane is essential.

On to the grout- you have many options:

A regular cement grout, mixed with water is considered the worst choice to do it yourself. You will need to seal it and continue to seal it forever. Plus, the grout contains no anti-microbial agent.

A regular cement grout mixed with latex additive is a better choice as the latex additive assures colorfast and water resistance. You do not need to seal it, but is recommended to prevent mold and mildew.

The experts consider epoxy grout the best option to do it yourself. Unfortunately, it is not common. A couple of companies offer non-industrial epoxy grout. Unlike industrial epoxies, this one floats easily and does not stiffen quickly. It contains Microban and never needs sealing. This is your best option for keeping water and living organisms out of your tile application.

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