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Shower Cubicles and Variety of Bathroom Shower Design

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A bathroom shower design that includes a steam spa will give you a space age look to your bathroom, but more than that it will give you an unforgettable experience. Once you are used to this treatment, you will never want anything else.

Many people, in fact, forgo their bathtubs to have a steam shower. Some don’t even bother to install a bathtub! Even a whirlpool bathtub has a hard time competing with this.

The ‘steam’ used is not actually steam. Real steam produced at boiling point would cause severe scalding. The ‘steam’ in a steam spa shower is a preheated very fine mist of water. You can set the heat to suit you. Usually a steam spa also provides massaging jets of water as well. The cubicle is sealed to keep the steam inside when you close the door.

Walk-in Showers

One of the latest trends in shower cubicles in bathroom shower design is the walk-in shower. This has no shower doors but usually has a curved or angled screen to prevent the water splashing out into the rest of the bathroom. A useful convenience that many of them have, in addition, is a ‘drying’ section. This is where your towel hangs, and you step into it from your shower to dry off. It means that you step out into the bathroom with dry feet and no mess or slipping on the tiled floor.

Ordinary shower cubicles range from large tiled cubicles suitable for a disabled person to be assisted by a helper, down to very small curved glass corner units that fit into the tiniest bathroom. Surprisingly, although these are small they provide enough room for you to have a comfortable shower. There are cubicles completely enclosed in glass, multi or two sided glass cubicles as well as various sized glass doors to fit an alcove.

Your bathroom shower design can be a fitted screen or shower curtain over your existing bathtub. This has the convenience of allowing you a good hot soak and then following it with a brisk cold shower to tone up (if you are brave) or a warm one to rinse off the remaining soap and shampoo. You can usually include any one of the ceiling, wall mounted or hand held showers you prefer.

Fitting a New Shower Cubicle?

Fitting of a shower cubicle depends upon bathroom shower design. However, you can get a cubicle that doesn't need tiling. It is not difficult at all once you have right choice. All you have to do is locate the screws that are holding it together and start at the top and work your way down. You can also remove the shower tray if you can disconnect the trap underneath and cut out the sealant all around the tray.

If the pipe work underneath is in the right position for the new one then it will be a simple lift out lift in, then again if not and you have to retile then you are on to a different time scale, get some quotes off your local blokes, once they have seen the job they will give you price.

How to Clean and Washdown Shower Cubicle?

Whenever you spray and scrub your shower cubicle, it is a wetting experience to wash it all dwon. If your shower head is fixed, you can’t pull it and wash the dirt down. You may get a bucket full of water or a mug full of water and splash it around to clean the cubicle. But you will get wet…

However, after scrubbing the shower, fill a watering can with hot water and use it to sprinkle the water around the shower. You may avoid soaking this way.

Another way is to purchase a really tough cleanser like KaBoom. You will clean your shower. You may also use a spray on like Tilex to keep it clean. It may remain sparkling for months.

Vinegar, Lime Away and Kaboom are all great on glass.

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