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Bathroom Scales; Styles and Varieties

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Bathroom scales are devices for measuring body mass and sometimes other measurements that have health implications, such as body fat, heart rate, body water content, etc. Because many people prefer, for accuracy, to remove clothing before weighing, they are often used in the privacy of a bathroom.

Another reason for calling them bathroom scales is because they need to be placed on a flat, hard surface, such as a tiled bathroom floor, in order to measure accurately.

They are available in a whole variety of models, brands, sizes, shapes and styles. The scales vary in price and quality. The important thing is that these scales need to be durable, good quality and accurate. They also need to have all the features that you feel you need.

How Old Fashions Spring Scales Work?

The old fashioned spring types of scales are still quite popular, and though they are not as accurate or sophisticated as the digital kind, they are quite useful in a family bathroom.

They have a dial, protected by a perspex or glass window, which turns until it reaches the number of pounds or kilograms of the person standing on it. Beneath the cover that you stand on is the dial, a rack and pinion that turns the dial, a spring, and levers with brackets that distribute the weight of the person evenly.

On the spring is a spring plate that moves up and down according to the weight applied to it, and this up and down movement is converted to side to side movement by a pivot, and the rack and pinion converts that to a circular motion, that turns the dial.

How Digital Scales Work?

Digital scales, also called electronic scales work quite differently. Instead of moving mechanical parts, the load sensor cells sense pressure and transfer this information electronically. Some methods use a strain gauge, or length sensitive piece of electrical resistance, which measures the deflection of a beam. The measurement of weight is converted into electronic signals and read in a digital format. This system is highly sensitive and therefore more accurate than spring type scales.

Some electronic scales can be plugged into an electric socket usually with a transformer, but most run on batteries. There are some available with solar energy cells.

It’s usual for digital scales to come with reference manuals and sometimes accessories such as batteries, calibration weights, scale pads, and trays.

Digital or electronic scales are more accurate than mechanical scales, but they tend to be a lot more expensive, with the price increasing according to the number of additional functions they have.

Available Kinds

Most of the bathroom scales below include what is called ‘body composition monitors’, some more sophisticated than others:

• There are body fat measurement precision electronic scales.

• There are body fat and water analyzer digital scales.

• There are fitness scales with clocks.

• There are voice automated scales.

• There are scales with a memory function, so you can keep track of weight loss or gain over a period of time.

• There are bathroom scales with multiple memory functions so that different family members can keep track of weight loss or gain separately from one another.

There is also a whole new generation of scales that are not strictly classed as bathroom scales, but they are worthy of mention as they are starting a strong trend in the health and fitness world. A special system was begun as pure entertainment by the Wii Nintendo games company. This is the Wii Balance Board. It started off as a simple scale with one pressure sensor, but now it has multiple pressure sensors and can judge movement of center of balance as well as weight. It is believed by many to be able to more accurately measure weight than most ordinary bathroom scales. It is causing a great stirring of interest in the physical fitness industry.

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