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Important Questions and Tips on Bathroom Redecorating!

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Are you sick and tired of your bathroom?

You may need bathroom redecorating ideas…

This may be answer for a couple of other questions too:

Have you had the same plumbing fixtures, accessories, wall colours, floor tiles for the past several years?

Does your bathroom appear to be dirty and dull consistently, even though you cleaned it recently?

But this answer shall lead to some other questions:

Where do you have to begin?

Should you follow the latest trends or be unique?

Another major problem is the cost of the whole procedure. Could you achieve the same effect as a bathroom on a magazine cover on a low budget?

What is Theme of Your Bathroom?

Bathrooms are place for relaxation, peace and serenity nowadays. People come in to get away from their busy lifestyles. Thus, it is essential while bathroom redecorating that you ensure to achieve a good ambience your bathroom. You must also think about form and function when it comes to renovation.

So, when it comes to bathroom redecorating, consider the theme of your bathroom initially. It is easier to decide on color, plumbing fixtures, and accessories if you have already decided on the theme for your bathroom. These themes include classic or antique, and modern or contemporary.

Themes for Redecorating Your Bathroom

Tips for Antique Bathroom Redecorating

So you are the type that prefers an elegant and sophisticated antique bathroom. Classic themes in a bathroom create a feeling of tranquillity. This is perfect for the bathroom as it allows a person to relax and feel at ease. How can you transform your bathroom into being classy and classic? As previously stated, it all depends on form and function. Colour, fixtures and accessories can change the way a bathroom appears in an instant.

Simple, crisp colours are useful for a classic theme for bathroom redecoration. Use a minimal amount of accessories to keep it simple, yet elegant. This gives a sense of light and dimension to the bathroom. Imagine an all white bathroom with simple marble or granite countertops, and white towels and accessories. Not only does this creates a striking contrast but also implies cleanliness; a much valued feature in the bathroom.

Nevertheless, this bathroom redecorating might not be the best for a family bathroom. However, do not worry there are plenty more options for a classic theme.

A claw-foot bathtub is also an asset for an antique theme. These bathtubs are separate from the shower, and are classic and elegant. However, due to being large they are more suitable for large bathrooms.

Porcelain is an age-old material used to create an antique appeal for any room. Porcelain is perfect for bathroom redecorating with a classic appeal. This is a particularly expensive choice if you are on a low budget, however, produces great results for your classic bathroom.

You could also use seashells for a unique classic theme. Seashells are viewed as a natural, calming source and agree with many colour schemes. You can create your own accessories as well with seashells. Large seashells can be substituted as soap dishes or jars filled with seashells can be used as ornaments. Colour schemes you can use with a seashell theme include beige, white, peach, cream and off-white. There are more colours that suit a seashell theme; however, these colours are most useful for an antique style.

Another technique for a classic theme if you are interested in bathroom redecorating is to use wallpaper borders. This approach was in use most commonly in the 50s and 60s. Wallpaper borders are useful to add in a bathroom to coordinate with a theme.

However, keep in mind that you should choose a simple border. Do not be elaborate otherwise it will not suit your walls. Subtle designs such as marble or clouds would work well with most colour schemes. If you have a small bathroom, place the border at eye level or higher to create an illusion of a larger space.

A final suggestion for a classic theme is to add plants. Plants create textural and visual pleasure, and also go with almost any theme. Ferns or spiders are low light and low humidity plants useful for a classic décor. However, if you do not have natural light in your bathroom it is best not to have any plants.

Smooth and Modern Bathroom Redecorating

Whimsical, funky and curves are all a part of being contemporary. If you are interested in a modern theme for bathroom redecorating, it is advised to use sculptural accessories and fixtures. Oversize studio lighting and round lights are the way to go if you prefer a contemporary style.

However, there are simple styles for modern themes as well.

The latest trend for bathroom redecorating is the spa-look-alike style. Since the bathroom is an area for relaxation and peace everyone is converting their bathrooms to spa-like styles. If you want to follow the trend use neutral, relaxing colours for your bathroom. Darker shades or warm hues can be used to bring about a comfy atmosphere. Natural lighting is the best option for this style. However, ambient lighting and recessed lighting is useful as additional lighting. Have an abundance of scented candles, not only for extra lighting, for rejuvenation and relaxation. You must feature bathrobes, extra fluffy cushions, and appropriate grooming accessories such as lotions, loofahs and bubble bath to add to the spa style. Solid colour schemes can also be used for a contemporary theme.

When bathroom redecorating for a modern theme, you should consider using dark hues and contrasts unlike classic bathrooms. Select towels, washcloths and accessories with complementary colours of blue, green, pink, or yellow for a contemporary theme. Incorporate these with light coloured walls to create a sense of contrast. Medium tones can be also use for these accessories as they give out a comfortable atmosphere.

Chrome can be use for both classic and contemporary bathrooms. Chrome plumbing fixtures and accessories greatly adapt to the classic theme. This is also useful for maintenance in the long-run as they are easy to clean.

Final Tips for Bathroom Redecorating

When you are redecorating your bathroom here are a few tips to keep in mind regardless of the theme:

Safety and Bathroom Redecorating

If you are redecorating a family bathroom keep in mind the safety aspects, especially if there are babies or toddlers involved. Toilet clamps are most useful as safety measures for your toilet, preventing a child from falling in accidentally. Ensure that your child has access to soap and the sink with short sink fixtures. Prevent a child from picking up dangerous chemicals with childproof locks on cabinets, cupboards and drawers. Use anti-slip mats on the bottoms of tubs and carpets outside tubs to prevent slipping. Another essential point to limit the use of heavy or fragile accessories as this might be too dangerous if they were to fall.

Simplicity and Bathroom Redecorating

Do not overdo during bathroom redecorating. This might result in you not achieving the look you intended. Look at examples in magazines or on the internet to aid you in searching for the right accessories, fixtures and lighting. It is best not to choose too many pieces with busy designs on them as they will wear out easily and will ruin the outlook of your bathroom. Instead, use a piece with a busy design as a focal point for your bathroom. Do not use a busy design for your wall as this might become too time-consuming for you and might not end up correctly. Solid colours are the best in order to keep it simple, yet elegant.

Experimenting with Bathroom Redecorating

Take the time to experiment with colours and samples. Do not be afraid to match paint samples to accessories or plumbing fixtures you are interested in. If you are still unsure of a theme, choose neutral colours such as green, yellow or blue. These colours are easy to work with and can be used again if you are planning to redecorate in the future. Test paint samples with the lighting in your bathroom as they might appear differently than in the shop.


If you are a person with a hectic schedule then opt for material that is easy to maintain. Marble and granite countertops are easy to maintain and long lasting. Chrome finished plumbing fixtures and accessories last long and do not need to be polished.

When it comes to redecorating your bathroom follow the tips given. Have an idea of what you want and your budget before going shopping. There is a plethora of places that offer inexpensive accessories, lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures nowadays. If you are completely unsure of what you want research on bathroom trends and what they entail. Most of all have fun when involved in bathroom redecorating. Remember to use your creativity skills and add your unique style to make your bathroom original. The bathroom might be the smallest of your rooms but it is equally as important.

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