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Bathroom Pedestal Sinks Stand out for their Colors, Schemes and Models

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Are bathroom pedestal sinks old-fashioned?

A pedestal Bathroom sink consists of basin that sits on a base. This base conceals the plumbing for water supply and drainage. The traditional white sink is perhaps one of the cheapest sinks you can buy and is generally available in round, oval or square shapes

Many of us have seen and admired the beautiful woodwork of cabinet or vanity styles of sink. They are lovely, but don’t be too quick to write off bathroom pedestal sinks as plain and utilitarian. You do indeed get the plain utilitarian pedestal sinks that are easy to clean and take up little space. But do have a second look. The shiny white porcelain bowls that our grandmothers knew have now evolved onto bathroom sinks of all kinds, and also in all price classes. It’ll amaze you how exquisite they can look.

There are lovely shapes and sizes of bathroom pedestal sinks with any number of colors available. Some are old fashioned but others have shapes, curves and angles that are nothing but modern. Today’s zen-style, or minimalist home décor knows just how to turn a plain pedestal sink into a feature of understated elegance, with the right lighting, background and colors.

Not so old-fashioned bathroom pedestal sinks!

Then you get sheer beauty that blows the mind. We are finding old-fashioned skills, such as stone craft, metal bending and wrought iron work, glass crafts and wood turning coming back into fashion but with a whole new twist that makes their products entirely up to date.

Bathroom pedestal sinks, because they tend to stand alone, stand out. They make a wonderful focal point for your bathroom.They can be found in many styles. They are created in copper, glass, stone, china or a combination of materials.

A new and stylish bathroom sink can give a whole new elegance to your bathroom, especially if you are on a budget. It is one item, that even if it is a little expensive that can renovate the whole room and cost a whole lot less than other renovating options. Glass bowls set on wrought iron stands are very popular at the moment. The stands may be elegantly plain or they may be a stunning artwork of vines and leaves with tendrils, or look like tree branches or roots. Semi-opaque or translucent glass bowls can be lighted up from below to glow like alabaster. Copper is becoming more and more frequently used in bowls, both for its beauty as well as for the possible medicinal antiseptic value it may give to the water. Research is underway in this regard at the moment.

Wooden Bowls

Some talented wood turners are creating rustic style wooden bowls. These are specially treated to make them water resistant and are wonderfully rustic and unusual. However, they may require a lot of maintenance to keep them watertight, and they probably are not as durable as some other types. Another bathroom pedestal sink idea is hand painted bowls. These are usually custom-made or even homemade. They may be painted with traditional flowers and birds, or ancient Greek or African images, or bold modern art. For kids’ bathrooms, cartoons or animals can be charming and give the kids a lot of pleasure. These porcelain bowls with different kinds of pictures are then glazed and fired in a kiln, the same way as other porcelain or pottery. If one doesn’t want these motifs permanently on the kids’ bathroom pedestal sinks, they can be temporarily applied as transfers, with a chemically removable glaze

Stone Models

Stone always lends itself to artistic flair. Statues, fluted or turned pedestals, hand carved bowls – the choices are almost unlimited. Stone or look-alike stone molded from concrete can be beautiful whether it is highly polished or given a rough, aged appearance, or a natural rough stone texture to go with natural browns and creams in a back to mother earth type of décor. So you can see, there is very much more to pedestal sinks than at first meets the eye!

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