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Bathroom Mirror Cabinet for Your Bathroom

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When space is a problem in your bathroom, you can have all the extra storage area that a bathroom mirror cabinet provides. However, you can go for this option even when your bathroom is large provided that you want brightening effects that mirrors can bring. If you have a small window, you can double the impact of the window by having a bathroom mirror cabinet directly opposite it.

A mirror cabinet, tall and narrow, set between two small windows opens up that whole side of your bathroom to a light effect. Just remember that a recessed or semi recessed bathroom cabinet mirror is not ideal for an outer wall. You don’t want to interfere with the outer wall structure strength and the insulation inside it. It may be better to go for a free standing one there, or one that is fastened to the surface of the wall.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet for a Small Bathroom

If your bathroom is really small, why not consider one wall of mirrors or mirror tiles, including a large bathroom cabinet mirror? You may get a fantastic ‘hall of mirrors’ effect with several bathroom cabinets mirror of the same size (preferably tall and narrow) set equal distances apart. They could be semi recessed and the spaces all around and in between them tiled with mirror tiles. If your lighting is cleverly done, you may have a bathroom that looks double its actual size.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet for a Corner

When you use mirror and light magic to brighten your bathroom, make it look larger, and create interesting reflection effects to complement your décor, corners become very important. Without having mirrors jutting out into the room, and looking very odd indeed, it is difficult to set mirrors at angles.

The answer lies in a corner bathroom mirror cabinet. Corner mirrors bounce light out of the gloomiest corner giving spaciousness and brightness to the darkest areas. Installing a corner bathroom cabinet mirror is also really the only way you can successfully position a mirror in a corner.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet of Various Types

Your cabinet can be free standing, fastened onto a wall, or partially or wholly recessed, depending on the thickness of the wall or alcove.

Free standing allows you the flexibility of being able to move the bathroom cabinet mirror to another position if you don’t like where it stood originally, but it can have quite a big footprint, so can only be a consideration if you have plenty of space available in your bathroom.Partially or wholly recessed cabinets save quite a bit of space. They are best positioned against inside walls.

Even if you don’t have a great deal of room to spare in your bathroom, you can always build your cabinet just above the height of your fixtures, such as bath, sink or toilet. If it is a bathroom mirror cabinet there is no point in taking the mirror all the way up to the ceiling, unless you are using the mirror for a special lighting effect.

However, you can have the cabinet go up to ceiling height and just have the mirror reach up to a little above head height. To keep the break from looking abrupt and unfinished, you could have a row of open shelves directly above the mirror and below the rest of the cabinet doors for decorative items, such as rolled or folded towels, wicker baskets of handmade soaps or pot pourri, potplants, elaborate bottles for bath salts, or anything else that looks attractive. Another way to define the break smoothly is to have a small, but decorative pelmet with a strip of concealed lighting beneath, illuminating the mirror.

There is another interesting effect that is ideal if you have a lot of beautiful glass bottles or something else you would rather display than hide away in a cupboard. This would be ideal for a shallow cabinet, whether surface mounted, or recessed, or partially recessed. This bathroom mirror cabinet has no doors, only top, base and sides of wood. The mirror lines the back of the cabinet and clear glass shelves hold your display objects. With this kind of cabinet it is vital to have lovely diffused lighting from the outer wood edges, where the electrics can be concealed.

Something important to remember, with your bathroom mirror cabinet: unless the glass is set in a frame, its edges should be ground and finished off so that they are no longer sharp to the touch.

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