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Popular Arrangements for Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

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In most of the instances, the bathroom medicine cabinets are fastened to the wall above the sink or vanity. Usually there is a mirror fastened to the front of it. This arrangement is very convenient and makes a lot of sense. While washing, cleaning teeth or shaving, your face is visible to you in the mirror. Racks and shelves, tooth mugs and soap dishes are usually arranged within reach. This area is the hub of the bathroom.

If you have a nice big vanity with lots of packing space for all those extras and toiletries, you probably won’t need more than that for storage in your bathroom.

Sizes of Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

As far as the medicine cabinets themselves, there is quite a large range of sizes. Colors and materials vary too.Whatever your décor, colonial, farmhouse, contemporary, Victorian, or Zen, there are bathroom cabinets, for every style. The interiors are not always very different, but the doors, mirrors and extra trimmings or lack of them decide the style.

• If you have a huge bathroom and a vanity that is like a dining room sideboard, you could have a large mirror, or even more than one. There would be room for several little cupboards and drawer. This could double for you as a dressing table and you could keep hair dryers and make up along with the usual toiletries. Somewhere in this setup you could set aside place for a medicine cupboard.

• On the other hand you could have a tiny cupboard of a bathroom in an apartment and you could make use of a small standard wall hanging medicine cabinet above your sink.

• In between these two extremes, you get many different sizes of bathroom medicine cabinets. If you have a lot of big medicine bottles to store you may like to buy a partially recessed type. These are recessed into the drywall and you can have a nice deep cupboard. If you have dozens of tiny bottles, you could have a fairly tall, wide and shallow cupboard with extra storage in the door itself.

• If your décor demands that you have a real sleek, smooth finish, you can get a cupboard that is totally recessed and the mirror is level with the tiles, or other wall finish, on the wall surrounding the cabinet.

• Most people like to have adjustable shelving. You just slip the thin shelving boards into different grooves both vertically and horizontally, so you can choose the widths and heights to suite your cabinet contents.

• Lighting is something to consider. If your lighting comes from a central ceiling light, you face will be in shadow when you look into the mirror. You need lighting either above or at the sides of the bathroom medicine cabinet.

Other Arrangements for Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

There may be circumstances that make the usual setup of cabinet and mirror above the sink unsuitable.

• Perhaps you and your spouse/partner prefer your own medicine cabinet space and you opt for a plain mirror above the sink. If your space is limited, you could each have a tall, narrow cabinet totally recessed on either side of the sink or vanity.

• You may decide to keep health supplements in the bathroom as well. In this case you may also need more bathroom medicine cabinets than the usual one.

• If you are elderly, disabled or for some reason prefer to sit at your sink or vanity, you may have difficulty reaching up to bathroom medicine cabinets above the sink. These can easily be placed in reachable places lower down in other parts of the bathroom walls.

Even if space is at a premium, there are always places you can fit in recessed bathroom medicine cabinets. For instance, behind the bathroom door is a huge space, where no furniture can stand, and is usually wasted.

You should always be sure a medicine cupboard is lockable, or part of it is lockable, to protect your own children or visitors. You also get child-proof latches that you may like to consider. A really good safety precaution is to have a light inside the cabinet or directly above it. You don’t want to grab your mother’s heart pills by accident in the middle of the night when you are sleepily groping for a headache tablet. It may be a good idea if you keep potentially dangerous drugs in a completely different section from the other medicines. If you keep a first aid kit, it should ideally be separate from the rest of the medicine cabinet contents and not kept locked. In emergency situations it is better not to have to search for a key.

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